Home Office Inspiration

TweetLiving in a rental can sometimes be challenging. Your space is not always “your own” meaning painting, drilling, renovation work is not always possible. To me, this has been frustrating. I swear these landlords do the minimum to these units purposefully. Our current challenges are: Lack of packing space, most definitely in our kitchen as

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Tweet Hey hey, it’s my very first currently post! Not that I have much going on currently but I’m still excited to do this. Following my blogcation recently I have bounced back rather slowly. I had these wonderful plans of pumping out a post at least weekly but the reality is that most times I

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well i am

TweetWith well i am’s fourth challenge just around the corner, I couldn’t be more excited  to share with you their new family sign up option. Healthy habits start at home Parents are 100% accountable for their children’s health – and it needs improving. With children’s obesity stats steadily on the incline, your highest priority is

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