Kids room inspiration, here we go again!

I am a sucker for a beautiful nursery or kid’s room, I can literally spend hours and LOTS of gigs of data on Pinterest just obsessing with it; but with Danny I didn’t have the opportunity to do this when he was born. I was a single Momma and we shared a room. Once I got married though, we made an effort to do a nice room for him – nothing fancy, humble start with no real theme but he loved it. But with Joshuah I made an effort to do something small for him (as his nursery was literally the tiniest room in the house – actually the tiniest room in the world) when he arrived.

Once we had moved through I had the chance to actually focus on both Danny and Joshys rooms, and yes although there was NO budget and I used what we had I think their rooms turned out beautifully – it’s still a work in progress though. Honestly if I could redo their rooms annually I probably would. As Josh has officially outgrown a baby nursery (like forever ago), due to him turning 3 this year he needs more of a big boy room and Danny has outgrown his “transport” themed room and so have I.

My bit of advice when doing your kid’s room, stick to something timeless, and a theme that can grow with them through the stages and ages of their life because shits expensive. So the challenge I’m currently sitting with is how to give them both beautiful big boy rooms on a minimal budget.

My thoughts are to keep the boys rooms as simple and minimalistic as possible, work with my favourite colours (black and white) and build on from there with pops of their favourite colours and use things from their current rooms.

As with the last room makeover there is ZERO budget as usual which could pose even more of a challenge but with the help of Pinterest (DIY) and bargain buys I’m sure I can come up with something before the end of the year… right now I’ll trade my endless list of problems for an endless supply of money – anyone know where I can do this?

What I need:

Win the lotto, buy a house, have a bigger room for both kids and live happily ever after.

A new bed for Josh (he’s outgrown his cot and I’ve outgrown sleeping on a toddler bed with him), I will have to start searching Gumtree for a white single bed which isn’t too high (Danny’s bed is ideal and has storage underneath but it’s too high for Josh)

Along with beds come bedding and thankfully I’ve always kept it plain with the kids, its just so much easier to incorporate plain fabrics. But I think to add some colour I’ll add some funky pillowcases and sheets.

Abstract 100% Brushed Cotton Winter Standard Pillowcase, Mr Price – R79.99

Mr Price absract brushed cotton pillow case R79.99.jpg

Mr Price absract brushed cotton fitted sheet.jpg

Abstract 100% Brushed Cotton Winter Fitted Sheet, Mr Price – R129.99

And to give their rooms a personal touch some scatter cushions

Cloud Cushion set, Monoshop – R280

Cloud cushion set Mono shop.jpg

Sleep Tight Cushion with Pom Pom Trim, Zana – R270


Cactus twin scatter, Fox and Moon – R315


Another challenge we find is that space is always an issue, the kids don’t have the biggest rooms and they’re a bit oddly shaped. The best way to maximize on the limited space is to take full advantage of wall utilization for all their books and toys (which speaking about toys I need to sort through and donate).

3 Hook Peg, Pedersen Lennard – R285

3-Hook Pedersen Lennard - R285.jpg

Black Leather Strap medium wall shelf, Simply Child – R390 (I must admit that this is more for my room)

Leather strap black.jpg

Bekvam Spice rack / book shelf, Nevada Furniture – R119


Lastly on the space issue I thought I’d get something for some stuffed animals which they’ve grown to love over the years I thought I’d do a statement basket.

Belly basket dipped black, Simply Child – R390


What I have:

Curtains (this I actually have a spare set and then maybe I should have Danny’s re-dyed)

Moon & Back Flag Banner, Zana – R210

I now own 4 Zana banners, I’m sure it’s an overkill but they’re just too pretty.


Polypropylene Straw Large Utility Box, Mr Price Home – R89.99-R129.99

Always comes in handy, right now I have the kids toiletries in them, underwear, all their writing materials. They really are so useful.


Mini Hex Shelves, BK Designs (Set of 3) – R195

Which currently live on my lounge wall, can be used as statement pieces on their own or to house a special photo frame.

BK designs.jpg

Arrow light (no longer available at @Home)

arrow light.jpg


  • A Teepee…

Prices vary, styles vary and the companies vary. I follow 3 different proudly SA companies on various social media platforms and I just cannot decide but I know before the end of the year I NEED to own one. This is mainly for me though – can I please have this as a 30th birthday gift in September??? I promise I will play in it daily, perhaps even blog from it.

Totem Teepee

Totem Teepee.jpg

My Tiny Teepee

Tiny teepee.jpg

Lattice and Lace


  • Table and chair set

Latt table and chairs, Ikea (Nevada Furnitire) – R699


Have you embarked on any home decor, DIY, makeover missions lately?


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