Love Made Me






My name is Lindsay, I’m a Wife, Mother and a Cape Town based Parenting blogger.  Welcome to my little space on the internet.

I blog to learn, I blog to connect and I blog to share and heal while also documenting our busy life.

I’m practical, I’m real and I’m just an ordinary Mom trying to survive the blessing of Motherhood while trying to raise two semi decent human beings.

I cover topics such as kids fashion, developmental milestones, challenges and experiences as well as great gift ideas for kids (especially boys), fun products to help make mom’s life easier, ways to care for yourself and your family, and tips to make life easier.

All of my tips and how-to posts focus on practical tips that anyone can do without having to embark on a journey to find some sort of rare ingredients or spend a small fortune changing their entire lifestyle all at once.

So thank you for stopping by, if you like what I have to say then don’t forget to drop me a line and say Hey…