Hey There

My name is Lindsay. I’m a Wife, Mother and a Cape Town based Parenting & Lifestyle blogger.  Welcome to my little space on the internet.

I blog to learn. My blog is here to connect. I’d like to share and heal while also juggling and documenting our busy life.

While I’m working a regular Mon – Fri for the Corporate during the day I also volunteer as a Doula at my local Government hospital when I have a spare moment.

On being a Parent

I’m practical, I’m real. I’m just an ordinary Mom trying to survive the blessing and challenges of Motherhood. All while trying to raise three decent human beings.

On being a Doula

I’m a certified and accredited W.O.M.B.S and DOSA Doula. Recently I have also started sharing more information geared towards Pregnancy and Birth.

If you’re like some advice about using the services of a Doula or where you can find a Doula then let’s chat.

So thank you for stopping by, if you like what I have to say then don’t forget to drop me a line and say Hey…

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