Dealing with criticism

There’s constructive criticism and destructive and I’m sure like most people I take constructive criticism well, but very recently I bore the brunt of very destructive criticism.

How did I handle it? Not well. At all. And this is actually an understatement.

If you don’t know what the difference is between constructive and destructive is then read this post published on The Lord of the Nerds blog (28 August 2014)

Dude, cyber bullying is SO REAL and it sucks big hairy old wrinkly balls. But there were lessons which needed to be learnt:

  1. Certain groups of people go from destructive criticism to downright evil in a matter of second. It’s the reality of the world – not everyone but some.
  2. Mass attacking is a thing, yes (in a matter of minutes I had somehow managed to have an entire users account attack me just by her giving a signal).
  3. Keeping it professional even in the midst of extreme warfare is HARD but remain the better person in this instance. DO NOT FIGHT BACK. Rather choose to ignore / delete and block the relevant parties (even if it takes a few hours to sort through the drama).
  4. Support will come from far and wide, the awesome encouraging messages and comments I received from other Small business owners made it easier.

My moral of the story, don’t be a tool and act like a fool.

Seriously, if you really have an issue with someone / brand / company whoever then contact them directly (via email always works) and share CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on what you did / didn’t like. Don’t be the loser who blasts someone via Social Media when you don’t have all the facts and info.

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