Cheers to September

So I’ve been fairly quiet lately and not due to losing interest in my little blog but because September has been a crazy busy month for us!

We started off with Josh starting a new school, which was the best decision we could ever have made. Yes it’s a lot more money and we’ve had to watch ourselves this month but he has just flourished. I made a comment after his first week of school comparing his current to the previous on Facebook (without mentioning any names) and was bashed by his ex principal – which could have pushed me over the edge and I could have been charged with assault but I don’t roll like that, thankfully for her.

A week later we celebrated my besties bachelorette party which was amazing and so much fun!

On September, 16th we celebrated Joshuah’s 3rd birthday at Fox Kids in Paw Patrol style. I must admit that I didn’t take any pictures because I actually just wanted to enjoy myself with my family – which I did! The only down side was that a few days before his born day celebrations I started feeling urgh.

In the week that followed I remained ill but got to spend a pamper day with my Bella and Sister. Then off to the #Wiborgwedding which was insane, definitely my all time favorite wedding with amazing friends! And it wasn’t too bad that we celebrated 5 years of marriage as well as my 30th birthday.

Another year older, not so much wiser but happy.

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