Confession: Unplug and be present

* All views expressed on my blog are my own, they don’t necessarily need to be yours or be correct but they are my views.

We live in a world where technology rules, you may disagree with me but that’s fine. People are constantly on their phones, or connected to another device. This is both great and sad in the same instance. If you’ve managed to work out a healthy balance then well done on you. I however have a confession… I am addicted to my phone.

Many a day / night I have some time to spare whether its sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, while waiting for the washing machine to finish its cycle or once the kids have gone to bed and do you know what the first thing it is I do? Probably the same as many others, I log onto my social media accounts to see what I’ve missed, the happenings in other people’s lives or happily spend the night Pinning away until I surrender to The Sandman. Now I am not saying that this makes you a terrible person, each to his or her own. But in my life, this – is – a – problem.

I’m constantly engrossed in the lives of others that I miss what is currently happening in my own. Don’t you feel the same? Perhaps this is just me.

As a Wife and Mother I am disappointing my family. Mom chooses to snap one more pic for Insta or send one last tweet before she’ll be up for bed. Is this the life I want, is this what I want my kids to remember? My Mom was a cool Mom, she taught me, uhm, which filter worked with what pic. Do I not owe them more?

It’s been weeks since I read the boys a bedtime story, was this not one of our special times as a family, but what happened?

The last few weeks have had me thinking, about life and how soon it can end. What impact have I made in the lives of my Sons. Am I being the Mother they can be proud of, one they would love and miss or just a distant memory.

My mere ramblings about what I’d love to do with them and experiences I’ve had would mean nothing to them if I was not present in their lives.

I’m constantly rushing, rushing to leave in the morning without managing to say a proper goodbye to my family. Missing important achievements in their lives because I’m rushing to get supper started and put on a load of washing and then sitting waiting for them to go to bed so I can get back onto my phone or finally have a minute to switch on my laptop to check emails and focus on my business and in the process forgetting about my Husband.

But do they deserve that, a semi present Wife and Mom? The answer is simple, NO!

I want to be the Mom that fetches them in the afternoon and has long chats about their day while being stuck in traffic and not stress about the car in front of me not moving and shouting at the kids for being noisy.

I want to get home take off my bra and shoes and have random dance parties in the lounge while preparing supper as a family and finally sitting at our tiny dining room table and laughing and eating instead of storming in and rushing to get supper sorted and plonking it at the table for the kids to eat while I sit click click clicking away on my phone.

I want to get back to painting and drawing with the kids instead of breaking up fights over who was using the yellow crayon and end up packing it all away to save the last of my sanity.

I want to be more and do more and be present, I want to savor every childhood memory yet to come and sit on the couch with the Hubs and reminisce about days gone by. Looking through old pictures of the kids and laughing at their quirky little personalities and imagine what their lives will be like. What Men, Husbands and Fathers they will be.

So here’s to unplugging and being present in my familys life again.

I hope you’ll do the same.


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