Birth Plans vs. Birth Experiences

Well hello there stranger, how are you doing?

I know its been a LONG while since I have posted but with life happening right now I haven’t found much time to do anything really. Like really!

However I thought I’d pop in quickly and just share a little something.

Very recently I became an Aunt again, this time to a precious Princess, and I’m over the freakin moon. Yes baby Isabella – Rose entered our world on 15 April 2015. An absolute blessing to the entire family.

Shortly before SIL went into Theatre I sent her an article I had just just read, which I thought was important for her to read.

We all have these wonderful plans on how the birth / delivery of our baby will go, and great if it actually turns out that way. But for some, the reality is, it doesn’t. Now you can either go with the changes that happen or you can sit with this regret.

I tend to sit on the regret line. For 5 years I felt that this experience was taken away from me. As I was a younger Mom, I didn’t see the importance of doing all the reading and educating myself prior to having Danny. I went to Antenatal classes but quite frankly I just thought things would go well and according to my plan.

When I reached 40 weeks though, I suddenly realized that my plan and what would happen could potentially be 2 very different things. But still, out of protest or whatever it was I didn’t research or question.

Eventually when I hit 41 wks 5 days my Gynae (who I think could have actually done something sooner) decided that I would be induced and “We’d take it from there”.

On the day of the 08th Jan 2009, a very pregnant 41 wks 6 days I went to see my Doc for my final appointment and it was decided that I go directly to the labour ward and prepare myself for the induction which would be done later that night. So off I went.

Still not knowing fully what would happen if the induction failed, there was actually no discussion about this (I think that the “we take it from there”  from Doc was meant to be that discussion).

Needless to say, after a very delayed and failed induction (failure to progress), at 08:00am I was wheeled off to Theatre for a c-sec. Not smiling, not happy, feeling like a failure and nervous as heck as I really didn’t know what to expect. Exactly 1 hr 39 min later my beautiful Danny entered my world. And all those feelings just disappeared. He was precious, he was perfect and he was healthy.



Jumping to 2013 and being pregnant with Josh. I decided I would read everything about VBAC’s, I would join every group, I would take every herb / tea / biscuit / oil that I could to assist my body in pushing this boy out. End result, c-sec number 2!



Although it was an amazing experience and really I had the best staff, best care, best environment I still felt robbed.

But then it all changed, I read this article HERE and now I look at having a c-sec in a completely new light.

Have a birth story you want to share? Did you birth your babies naturally drug free, did you do an epidural, have a water birth, home or hospital, with or without midwife and doula, have a gentle c-sec or emergency c-sec? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. I also had my heart set on a natural birth, but ended up being induced at 41 weeks. After 18 hours (and an epidural, thankfully!) I had an emergency C-sec but by that point I was so over being pregnant that I didn’t care how I gave birth. My second was also a C-sec, this one planned, because it was too close to my previous pregnancy to try a VBAC.

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