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Living in a rental can sometimes be challenging. Your space is not always “your own” meaning painting, drilling, renovation work is not always possible. To me, this has been frustrating. I swear these landlords do the minimum to these units purposefully.

Our current challenges are:

Lack of packing space, most definitely in our kitchen as well as the kids rooms.
Dull white walls
Not the most glamorous kitchen counter tops

Since launching Love Made Me I’ve definitely found the need to have official office space / work space. At present I do design work either in my bedroom or my make shift office in our garage. This has worked until now.

After searching through Pinterest for some pinspiration I’ve decided that its time to convert our garage into my own space. Take note, our garage has never had a car parked in it. Due to lack of space there’s been quite a bit stored in big jim containers and packed in the garage, and as we’re a no toys in your room home this has also been used as the boys play area as it connects to our lounge. A trip to waltex assisted with carpeting the garage in order for it to be slightly less chill and the kids had their TV put up for when we decide they’ve been ok enough to get some tv time. The garage also plays home to our washing machine and deep freeze so as you can imagine its kind of full and could get a little crowded with all the happenings.

Carl and I chatted recently and decided it was time to paint the walls and make a few cosmetic changes in order for me to be able to work in a space that looks and feels good (creative juices needed to have something pretty to look at). As with any household redecorating project, this means cash money and unfortunately we’re not in a position where we can go on one fun shopping spree and grab everything we need. It needs to be budgeted for and done in smaller doses (how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time). I’m so excited to focus on this in the new year and will definitely be spending a few weekends in Builders Warehouse, I’ve already been playing around with the new Dulux app for some inspiration.

So for now, I’m sharing my inspiration. Some things will be bought, some will be reused, some we will DIY. Its going to be a process, but once its done I’m sure it will look lovely.


📌 I’m thinking white walls (its just easier with a rental) and I’ve already selected my dulux colour of choice

📌 Then I can’t quite decide whether we should paint the floor or just carpet again, our garage is a solid concrete block

📌 For my desk / work space I want to get a white workbench for all my cutting, sewing, printing, pressing.

📌 For the pretty, lastly pops of pink and gold which thanks to Zana I can order online.

📌 I will definitely use a few existing pieces I have throughout the house and may pick up a few other goodies here and there along the way

Any of you embarked on something similar lately? Please share some DIY cost effective tips and let me know what you think of my project.



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