Top 10 things to do during your pregnancy

Top 10 things to do during your pregnancy


So unlink previous posts that focus on the actual pregnancy and that growing bundle inside of you, this post is for the expectant Mom and Dad. My top 10 things to do before baby arrives.

Frist Trimester

1.Document your pregnancy journey and more so your growing bump

2. Join a group of expectant Moms and make new Mommy to be friends (I did this with Danny and 7+ years later we still keep in contact even though we’re scattered all over SA and even NZ)

3. Do something creative, whether its crocheting baby booties, knitting a baby blanket, doing a scrapbook or writing a letter to your unborn child every week for them to read when they’re 18 or 21.

Second Trimester

4. Uhm, apologies for the Parents (mine) who may be reading but have lots of sex (before it becomes uncomfortable or awkward)

5. Organize a girls night, no not like twerking at 7 months pregnant in a club but like a pyjama party with your girlfriends, sisters and Mom.
Watch girly movies, chat about boys, paint your nails, eat lots of popcorn and just unwind. Ooh and serve pizza and alcohol.


6. Make an appointment to see the dentist

Third Trimester

7.Have your hair, face and nails done (ooh and get groomed – * whisper * down there)


8. Book a maternity photo shoot

9. Book yourself a pregnancy / couples massage

10. If you’re by the means then book a babymoon, if not then plan your last date night before babys big day

Is there anything else you feel I need to add to my pregnancy to do list? Feel free to drop me a mail or comment below.


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