Beating Heart SA & Lara Designs colab

Very recently I had the privilege of being invited to an event by Mandy from Tums 2 Tots online and Pregnant in Cape Town, it was a launch party for Beating Heart SA & Lara Designs colab. I was completely blown away upon meeting both Lara and Christy.


Upon arrival and being warmly welcomed by Lara with cupcakes and champagne, exactly what every woman needs to get her day started, right? Well I spent some time with Lara chatting about her business and the concept of Classroom in a box. Some background of the hostess with the mostess, Lara is a successful business woman and in 2013 Lara chose to explore her true roots in fine arts and launched a new company under her name “Lara designs”. I combined the edge of graphic design and love of fine art to produce the concept ‘Art on your Couch’, rock start Mom and amazing wife. Lara Design specializes in Graphic design, Product design and Interior design and this is evident in her home. I could happily move into her home in a heartbeat and not change a thing – I couldn’t help but snap a few pics of her office and some textiles (a whole other post, I promise or better yet go check it out on her website).


Beating Heart and Lara Designs acknowledge the importance of early childhood development and believes that every child deserves equal opportunities in life. Individuals/companies/schools now have the opportunity to sponsor an Edubox (available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa) at a subsidised rate.

 This teaching tool will help theme and decorate any classroom using everyday teaching aids used in a preschool environment, and allow donors to be able to support and enable caregivers/staff in underprivileged crèches to give children the stimulation they need to be better prepared for Grade 1, and ultimately achieve their potential in life.



I was then introduced to Christy Haefele the Founder and Director of Beating Heart SA (a Cape Town based NPC), a loving wife and mom to 3 beautiful boys, Zac (5) Caleb (3) and Levi (1). Christy also just happens to be a Schwartzkopf Professional Mrs SA 2016 Semi Finalist. Her ‘heart’ is for the most vulnerable in our communities… our children, and aligns herself with projects that support this. It was so refreshing to meet someone who lives and breathes their passion and Christy definitely lives her mission.

For many new moms in South Africa’s government hospitals, the blessing of child birth and the first moments of bonding are often over shadowed by the fears and concerns that accompany their socio economic status and – in far too many cases – the circumstances surrounding the babies conception. How will I meet my babies needs? Will my baby be healthy? How do I keep my baby safe? How do I raise a baby alone?

‘Beating Heart’ aims to provide encouragement through practical gifts that will meet at least some of the essential needs of these tiny babies and their brave Moms.

For ‘Beating Heart’ life is precious and the sanctity of human life non-negotiable. We believe life begins at conception and we champion the right to life of pre-born babies.

Each care bag contains the following:

Wet wipes
Maternity pads
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Bar of Soap
Surgical spirits
Cotton wool
12x Nappies
Drawstring bag

Ladies, it was truly amazing meeting you both and be inspired by the wonderful work you are doing within our communities.

If you would like more info or to sponsor a Beating Hearts bag for R100 please email and if you would like to get involved and sponsor a Classroom in a box please email

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