International Nurses Day

You very rarely see what happens behind the scenes at a Hospital, the love care and compassion which our nursing staff feel for their patients. No nurse is ever the same with every passing interaction with every patient and every family, you think they touch your life but you have no idea what an impact a family makes on theirs. Every lesson they learn and love they are shown from a patient moves with them to the next. Being a Nurse is often a thankless job, they bear the brunt of a familys emotions and carry the weight of traumatic situations on their shoulders and yet they wake up every morning and push on because it’s their passion and because they want to make a difference. In an emergency situation or a joyful one the first face that greets you is a Nurse, they bring about a sense of calm and peace in the situation and yet step aside when a Doctor takes the praise, without them none of us can offer the great service to our community without them.
I salute and honor every Nurse in my life, I’ve been blessed to work with the very best. Thank you for being selfless and empathetic to every patient in your care. Every year I am moved when you light your candles and take your oath, it may not be seen by everyone but it is definitely felt by all who enter our facility. You are the backbone of our Team, each and every one of you (from Careworker to PN).

I love you all dearly, HAPPY NURSES DAY!

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