It takes a village to raise a Mother


I have been a mother for 10 years and one of the most important lessons I have learned is that a support system is so important. Perhaps this is something that you only learn –

  • In time,
  • After lots of crying,
  • Once we’re drowning,
  • After we are utterly exhausted

We’ve all heard the simple saying “It takes a village” Stemming from the old African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child,” and you will probably agree with me that Motherhood as rewarding as it may be can or will also be challenging and terrifying. Time is limited, patience is limited and resources are sometimes limited. But the love is endless.

Having 3 kids as wonderful as they may be has its challenges, however I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love having a loud and busy household. There’s constantly a story to be told, toys to be packed away, snacks being requested, belly laughing and fun.

But none of this would be nearly as much “fun” without our village surrounding and supporting us.

Our Village

Just after Grace was born my Mom and Sister popped in daily to check up on me, sit with Grace while I showered and lend a hand. This was overwhelming time as I adjusted from a Mom of 2 to a Mom of 3 all while packing up our home to prepare and move.

Moving 3 weeks post-partum

Then the day came for our big move, 3 weeks post-partum and dealing with my body after a caesarean and my village jumped in big time. Family and friends, everyone helped pack and load and carry and unpack. Yet again, my village was there.

Working Mom life

Now I’ve entered the phase of returning to work. While I transition back into my role as a working Mom I have peace knowing that Grace is being cared for by my Mother, even though it’s only a month this has made my transition easier.

With both boys we had no other option but to send them to a day-care facility, this was great in a sense where they had their peers around them but with that came lots of germs which is inevitable, never ending stories of nappy rash and me worrying about the schools they were in (yip we saw our fair share of crèches).  

This time around we have both Moms able to assist with Grace till the end of the year which makes my Mommy heart burst with thankfulness and love.

With Hubby going through his own work transitions and challenges, its been quite a juggle at home with his hours and not only having his set of hands to help but also just us missing him.

Staying sane

Would I be this sane and level headed if it wasn’t for my village? ABSOLUTELY AND UNDOUBTABLY NO.

So this is a thank you to my village. Thank you for the support and care in helping raise our kids.

And to the new Parents or soon to be Parents, ask for and take help when its offered. It just makes this parenting journey so much easier.

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