My Unisa : Studying with 1 Hubby, 2 Kids, 1 New job and NO TIME


When entering a new year one is faced with the question, “Are you making any new year’s resolutions?” and generally my response is “No” however during last year I decided that I wanted to further my studies, and not in the sense where I do a short course which I have done 2 thus far over the last 2 years but actually study something that will benefit me in the long term.

Carl and I discussed this in great detail over 2014 and I decided that I would take the plunge and register with UNISA, initially it was meant to be Marketing Management however somewhere along the way it changed to Business Management (not my choice but that’s what was in the cards).


It has been challenging, studying with 2 kids is not easy. The little bit of time I have in the evenings I prefer to spend with my family  and when they’re all in bed and I’ve completed our evening routine or attempting to put Josh to sleep, or vegging on the couch watching a great series, getting my reading fill on all the Mommy bloggers I follow, watching new tutorials on YouTube (addicted to Jaclyn Hill and the ladies of Real Techniques), or dreaming big on Pinterest and designing and furnishing my dream home. You will definitely not be finding me doing ironing, reading a magazine or the newspaper or studying (I need to work on this though).

In saying that however, I do buckle down when I need to and try and focus as much as possible on completing my assignments. The first one I did WAS A BIG FAIL, EPIC FAIL actually. But that was the kick in the bum I needed to reach for my textbooks as opposed to my phone (hence the social media silence-ish and my bilocation).

Now that I’m receiving my results I must say it’s just made me want to do better next time, its reignited that little spark that died a long time ago. I forgot how much, when I want to focus, I enjoy learning something new.

So I thought I’d share my latest results, please ignore IGNORE my terrible 45 (I have learnt my lesson, I will look at my books at least a week prior and not an hour before the due date and yes I will show the good with the bad because I want to be transparent like that).

Unisa Assignments

So are you thinking of studying further? Have? Are currently? Let me know.

I am however terrified of my exams in May, just saying… Its not all fun and games, I need to buckle down very soon and start studying.

No one said it would be easy but it is doable!

Till later



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