Pardon the silence while I had a baby


After a much needed break and lovely maternity leave, I am back at work and finding our new rhythm as a family of 5 (well 6 if you include Delta).

If you’re like me and have just returned to work or will be returning to work shortly know that it is perfectly natural to have anxiety about returning to work after maternity leave. Even seasoned Moms experience this. In all honestly this time has been the most challenging out of all 3.

Mom Guilt

Motherhood, well Parenthood is filled with so many emotions and one of them is guilt. You may feel guilty for returning to work. For not being able to spend every moment with your baby. Missing out on your baby’s “first”, leaving such a tiny human in the care of a stranger / creche / nanny.

The last week of maternity leave went by so fast. In the midst of sorting out our life (as school started on the same day for both kids), going for a uniform fitting, begging Grace to take a bottle, expressing milk and trying to up my supply big time I honestly missed out on spending quality time with the kids.

I’m not going to lie and say that it’s easy, it wasn’t for me. I was worried about the transition for Miss Grace. Up until the day I was meant to start working she had only ever been away from me for 4ish hours (Whoop whoop the Ed Sheeran concert and our first official date night).

Ed Sheeran

Biggest Challenge?

So while the biggest challenge is leaving her in the very capable hands of my Mom every day, my second biggest challenge was Grace being fed by someone else.

THIS WAS THE WORST PART OF IT ALL AS SHE HATED DRINKING FROM A BOTTLE. Thankfully that’s a thing of the past and she happily gulps down her special milk from Ma.

Next challenge is expressing milk during the day, being a working Mom and my time not being my own I cannot just step away to express when my boobs feel like they’re going to explode. For the most part I try but at times I can’t.

This effects me though as;

  1. My daughter relies on that milk for feeds
  2. There is no dedicated place to express so I have to run and find a corner or vacant boardroom to express
  3. If I don’t express my boob feel like they’re going to explode
  4. If I don’t express regularly and “empty them” my body is going to slow down on the production and then I sit with another dilemma

Every day I’m still wrecked with guilt, my heart breaks with every goodbye but its still early days. The one reassurance I have is that Grace is with my Mom (shout out to the Granny’s who are able to step in when Moms are away, this too is a luxury for us having both Grandmothers help us out this time around).

So with the first week securely under my belt I can finally say, I’m back. Back into our routine, back into full time working Mom mode, back into blogging.

How has it been?

Well, I’ve officially become a master juggler and in order to keep all my “balls” up in the air and not tossed to the floor I have learnt how to plan and prioritize like a semi boss. Making the transition from being a stay at home Mom with all kids and their busy schedules to a working Mom with 3 (2 of which have busy schedules) is difficult but doable.

Once the kids go down for the night my next shift begins. I plan and prep for the next day.

  • Bags
  • Lunches
  • Milk bottles
  • Expressing
  • Ironing uniforms
  • Washing dishes
  • Doing washing
  • Cleaning and sometimes finally eating.

What next?

This year there’s so much to look forward to on this space.

  • We’ve been selected as brand ambassadors for Childs Farm (an award winning British brand) which has recently launched in South Africa.
  • We’ve also teamed up with Kids Emporium on something super awesome launching soon.
  • I’ll be starting a new series (which I have been sharing on social media) – “Shop with me” where I’ll showcase some local brands with amazing offerings.
Kids Emporium

Thank you for all your well wishes and support over the last few months.

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