A quick pregnancy update

A quick pregnancy update

Let me just start off by asking when the hell is this pregnancy glow going to kick in?

If you don’t know by now, yes I’m pregnant. Yes it’s been different. Yes I’m still loving this pregnancy but flip it has gone by super fast. I cannot believe we’re almost half way through.

There have been parts of this pregnancy which have been easy, some rough and some exciting.


I’m yet to post another bump picture, well its actually a full blown pregnancy tummy – I feel like before I even saw a positive pregnancy test result my body knew. So I could very easily be mistaken for someone who is nearing the end of the third trimester.

Currently entering the awkward stage, being baby no. 3 doesn’t make it any easier.

Round ligament pains have made their appearance which I was anticipating so its all good.  One thing though that did throw me off a little was being diagnosed with an irritable uterus. Contractions from an irritable uterus are not Braxton Hicks contractions and they aren’t labor contractions, and they’re not harmful.

Some women develop frequent, regular contractions that don’t produce any change in the cervix. This condition is often called irritable uterus (IU). IU contractions are much like Braxton-Hicks, but they can be stronger, occur more frequently, and don’t respond to rest or hydration. These contractions are not necessarily normal, but they also aren’t necessarily harmful.

Some of the factors which cause uterine irritability are:

  • Stress
  • A full bladder
  • Dehydration
  • Sex
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Increased physical activity

Here are some recommendations to try to calm things down naturally:

  • staying hydrated
  • emptying your bladder regularly
  • eating small, frequent, and easy-to-digest meals
  • resting on your left side
  • getting enough sleep
  • skipping caffeinated foods and drinks
  • avoiding lifting heavy objects
  • reducing stress
  • taking magnesium supplements – which I’m now taking along with my prenatal vitamins


Call your doctor if you have:

  • leaking amniotic fluid
  • decreased fetal movement
  • vaginal bleeding
  • painful contractions every 5 to 10 minutes


Well we’ll just have to wait and see on this one.


To date I’ve only gained 3.4kg which is certainly not bad at all. Hopefully I can keep this under control with healthier options and knowing my limit.


My diet definitely leans more towards fruits and vegetables, which is super healthy I think but this morning at exactly 08:07am I was craving a steak and ribs.  In a normal day I have one slice of wholewheat bread with something quick and easy on it. Then add 10:0am I have an avocado as a snack, then for lunch I have soup. Supper time I nibble, a big meal just seems too complicated and makes me tired.


Nope – non existent and I don’t feel bad whatsoever!


Thankfully I’ve been feeling this little blessing since week 12, initially like a goldfish swimming into its bowl but now its finally little kicks and jabs. Now I’m waiting patiently for Dad and the boys to be able to feel this little one too.


What is this even? Don’t get me wrong, I’m super comfortable thanks to my preggy pillow – BUT I wee atleast 5 times during the night and then battle to fall asleep after.


This little nugget is doing great, no problems at all. At my last check up baby was clocking in 1+ weeks ahead of schedule and as we thought may arrive the last week of October instead of the initial 5 November.

Baby is approx. 13.6cm CRL and weighs 183 grams. 

The boys got to see baby over the weekend at the Mommy & Me expo which was great, Joshy decided to draw what he saw on the screen while Danny pointed out all the bits he could recognize.

Little Bunny Pregnancy


Proud big brother
Joshy drawing what he saw on the screen, 13 fingers on each hand and teeth


Sister pregnancy
If you didn’t see on social media, I’m so happy to be pregnant with my baby sister.
Number 1 for her and 3 for me!


Until next time!


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