Help, my kid refuses to sleep!

Let me start off by apologizing for being so quiet – not that you really care but still – I have manners. But damn, Guys I AM TIRED!

There have been various factors which have kept me from blogging on the regular lately and I’m not making excuses or looking for sympathy but Mom life has been kicking my butt big time, like Mortal Kombat and I’m on the verge of getting my KO!

Between being sick for what seemed like forever (ok only a month) and work being extremely busy (my day job and not my business – which has been SOOOOO quiet because I haven’t had the time, money or energy to focus on it) the Hubs also had an operation and is currently at home resting. It has been hectic!

On the home front the boys are great, naughty little shits but they’re good. School is good, Danny my super over achiever once again received an outstanding report at the end of the 3rd term and has decided he would like to be a game designer when he is big, Josh on the other hand has decided he wants to be a banana (runs out to cancel his education policy).

Behaviour wise, well that could use some work from all of us. I don’t know if there’s a full moon or blood moon or no moon but the kids lately are starting to lose their shit for no apparent reason which is utterly draining. In trying to be proactive Parents and address the behavior challenges of late we’ve been doing a lot of communicating about feelings and speaking through our frustrations which seems to be helping a tiny bit and for some fun we have also added reward stickers for not being an ass basically and doing their chores.

Josh has learnt that using the toilet gets rewarded with stickers for his chart and when he has 5 his reward will be a Barni bear (this kid is obsessed) and that has been going well thus far.


But the sleep reward line has been blank since we started. I am yet to have my kid sleep through the night and in his own bed. Seriously, what am I doing wrong!

Our bedtime routine is as follows (perhaps you can share some ideas and give some constructive feedback):

  • Supper time (which is mostly a fight and I’ve run out of ideas and recipes and time is of the utmost essence)
  • Bath time which he loves
  • PJ’s and prayer time, another winner
  • Feeding time (YAY our 3 year journey of breastfeeding has finally ended in September)
  • Bedtime – Josh says good night, climbs into his own bed, we switch on his starry night light and I sit in the rocker and wait, and wait and wait, and shout, and threaten and wait and then he’s asleep.

But within 2 – 3 hours he is awake, and then sprints to our bed with all his blankets and sleeps in between us. I have done the taking him back to his room 5 times a night every night and it has just left me exhausted the next day and miserable.

This has been our routine for almost 2 years and not even my full coverage concealer can hide the dark circles anymore, I am finished. I just don’t know what to do.

So this is me, reaching out to the big wide world of Mommies and Daddies and asking for help. Please guys, all I need is a good nights rest and for Josh to sleep in his own bed all night – poor Hubs is recovering from surgery and still getting kicked in the face every night.

I have also very recently started exercising again, drinking water (which doesn’t suck as much anymore) and I’m trying to look after myself just a little bit more since hitting 30, and no one wants a frumpy Mommy.

Don’t forget, you can follow me on my social media accounts to see what we’re up to and also read my 2 cents worth of info on BabyGroup on the regular (I’ll also be doing my first vlog piece for them in the next few weeks which is very scary).

Being a Parent comes with its ups and downs, there will be good times and there will be times you regret – any Parent that says no is lying and yet I will still never change it for the world. It’s challenging at the best of times and its fine to agree that kids sometimes suck but I love my little family, the only thing I still need is a damn decent good night’s sleep.

Peace, I’m out!


  • Jodie

    My eldest only slept through the night at 3.5years old. He never slept in our bed but he definitely did the walking about. Some nights, he’d cry for me (mainly, but some nights he’d also walk) like 7/8times a night, but no matter how tired I was and how much I didn’t want to do it, I stuck to never resorting to putting him in our bed. W.r.t. the walking, I’d walk him back to his room every.single.time. Now my baby is going through the same thing and I also walk him back every few hours that he wakes up. Coming into my bed before 5am is a non-negotiable for me. Sterkte!! You’ll work it out eventually.

    • Lindsay

      But how you do survive the next day???

      So I just keep on keeping on you say? Glory be, this is hard. But atleast I know that there’s atleast one other kid out there doing the same thing to their Parents at night. lol

      • Jodie

        Barely!!! Hehe 🙂 I did it for over 3years and even today. they don’t both sleep through every night. I like to think that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that God made us able to cope as mother’s irrespective of our exhaustion. I’m not saying it’s easy though. There’s days when I’m absolutely shattered, but then I think of the mum who’s lost a child or a child who’s very ill and I pick up my chin and keep on moving.

  • mommaBearTrax

    LOL@”wants to be a banana”..the kid’s got vision, man!! 🙂
    Well done on the 3 years! It’ll hold his health in good stead forever!

    As for sleep…my friend, as someone who’s been in the trenches (for myself and my kids) Im not going to tell you to just hold on, because what society is still busy cottoning on to is that sleep is so vital to our health…even more so than our nutrion. (back in the dark ages ppl also took a while to cotton on to that nutrional notion or that sugar is bad, so eventually society will cotton on.)…and also that’s just NUTS to exist so sleep deprived. (oneself and one’s kiddies)…
    And dealing with the sleep issue is NOT just for you – being so exhausted and finished- but for your kids development and health as well. So dont buy into the notion that you’re a selfish parent for instilling ways to help your child find improved sleep habits. Its especially for the children as they are still busy developing and NEED that proper sleep more than us, even if on the surface they seem to be just fine. AND it’s also for you as a parent… Because “you cant pour from an empty cup”… It’s insane to think you can perform at your best when you’re so sleep deprived.
    There are few programs out there, however I only back one in particular. We can chat about it if you’re interested. XXX
    So sorry you’re struggling so, Linds….Sleep deprivation however subtle is murder.

    • Jodie

      I agree that they need to sleep and I only did this right with my second child! The sleep training that worked in a handful of nights. But is there a way to get them to stop walking without just taking them back to the room 100times Tracey? I’d love to know if there is 🙂

      • mommaBearTrax

        haha…gosh, Jodie…Only read your comments now. I actually don’t know, I’ve never had to wrestle that one. We taught our girls from a very young age about sleep, so they kind of never did that. In fact, when toilet training stage started they used to call us to say they need to go, and would refuse to get off the bed till we came – even though we never actually taught them to stay put or explicitly said you cannot move from your bed. They kind of just did. But I think, the program does have an exceptions list, and this one may be on it. The moment i catch my breath i will dig up that book and have a read through. ps. there are child sleep experts out there that may also help if you’re interested in that. I’ve never used anyone locally, so cant recommend anyone – and I also dont sunscribe to alot of the local’s philosophies either. will let you know if I come across it.
        ALso there’s that trick that one mom used, with the digital clock- where the kid is not allowed to leave his bed until the digital clock and the picture match up. You seen it yet?Might work for you, Jodie.

      • Lindsay

        That makes 2 of us, but Josh doesn’t walk – he sprints (we have since made sure there is nothing in his way because he falls over everything) and with the sprinting is also the crying

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