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So today marks the second day of the school holidays (guys my Danny is off to Grade 2 next year) and your child is already pestering you with questions of what you have planned. Well we have you covered, whether you’re currently in your pj’s on leave or working through the festive season there’s something for everyone to make the most of the end of the year, hop on over to my fellow blogger sites for inspiration The Mom Diaries (while you’re there congratulate her on the exciting news, Hayley’s Joy .

Side note: School holidays can get really expensive, really fast if you don’t have unlimited amounts of money or don’t plan ahead.

On the Thomas front we’re already kicked off the end of year festivities with the bang by attending 2 events in the last week.

  1. I entered an online competition hosted by the lovely Hayley from Hayley’s Joy to win a family pass (2 Adults + 2 Kids) for the Dino’s Alive Exhibition taking place at Cape Gate shopping mall.  Thank you Hayley! The exhibition started on the 18th November and will run till 8 January 2017. If you have an avid dinosaur fan in the house this is definitely the outing for them. In anticipation of the surprise outing planned for the kids we allowed them to watch a portion of Jurassic Park the night before – you know dino’s on the mind, names still fresh kind of vibe – this helped with Josh not freaking out when he saw and heard the noisy beasts.

Dino's Alive Exhibition

Besides checking out these cool guys there are also a few activities to keep the kids busy;

Dino's Alive Exhibition

  • Apatosaurus and T Rex Rides (Only the T Rex ride was “working” when we went)
  • Dino movie room (which I must admit I did not see)
  • Excavation sand pit
  • Fossil displays
  • Face painting
  • A jumping castle
  • Creative station for kids to draw while Mom and Dad grab something to drink

img_0831 Dino's Alive Exhibition

Things to note, and no I’m not being a bee with an itch.

  • According to the site there are 25 Animatronic dino’s – but honestly I don’t know if we actually saw that many (maybe half as I had to take a pic with Dan by every one), maybe the rides are included in this amount. But regardless Danny loved it.
  • Face painting, riding on dino’s are an additional expense (not included in the cost)
  • Purchasing a family pass is more bang for your buck
  • There are no bathroom facilities so if you have a toddler who leaves his business to the last minute you will need to go into the centre (the exhibition is currently in the basement parking area) – side note, we didn’t get arm bands because we won tickets which meant we could not come back in again (I asked, they said no).

Dino's Alive Exhibition

Ticket Prices:

  • R100 for Adults
  • R75 for Children (children under 2 enter for free)
  • R320 for the Family Pack (2 adults + 2 children)
  • R50 per child for school bookings (School Groups of 20 or more).
  1. We were invited to the opening of the Ice Adventure in association with Baskin Robbins at Canal Walk. The Ice Adventure runs from the 2nd December 2016 till 8th January 2017 from 10:00am till 22:00pm (with the exception of Christmas day – for completely obvious reasons).


We generally don’t tell our kids when we get invited to do something fun or things are sure to go horribly wrong on the day, behaviour and stuff. So they were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to Canal Walk on the night and welcomed by the awesome team at the door. Thank you so much guys for inviting us!

Side note : I don’t take many pics of certain events we’re invited to solely because when the ordinary Joe and his family attend I don’t want to create an unrealistic expectation.

Following Santa’s example from previous years, in recognising just where they need to chill-out over the hot Cape summer, a pack of interesting ice age animals have elected to set-up home in the Centre Court at Canal Walk.  Eager to meet busy bodies and curious minds, are a collection of woolly mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, a terra bird, including a magical Irish Elk.  Two of the visitors – the Glyptodon and the Uintatherium have even agreed they will take youngsters for a ride around the Ice Adventure arena!

Highlight for Danny this year was definitely the Sub Zero Ice Chamber, and for Josh the snow zone where he could build snow castle’s to his hearts content.


If you have been to any previous Ice Adventures you will definitely miss the giant slide this year, but rest assured there are still a variety of ice slides to keep the kids happy as always.

Tickets are available at www.computicket.com or from the Computicket Booth located at the event and range from R30 per person to R80 per person.

Other things to look out for this year at Canal Walk

Meet Santa

Dates:  2 – 24 December

Time:   2 – 15 December 10am – 6pm: 16 – 24 December 10am – 9pm

Holidays are memories in the making and kids can have their photographs taken with Santa until 24 December. Santa will be hard at work, listening to all the children’s wishes and checking who has been naughty or nice this Christmas!

This year we forewent our traditional family Christmas photo with Santa (think the Hubby is finally

over entertaining me) but we started a new tradition of individual pics of the kids with Santa which they loved.

Now for some FUN!

Win with Canal Walk this holiday by completing the entry form below
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If you have other great suggestion on how to keep my little scoundrels busy these holidays which will not lead me to bankruptcy then holla at your girl.

As always

Till later

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