How the third pregnancy is kicking my ass – but I’m still LOVING it

How the third pregnancy is kicking my ass – but I’m still LOVING it

Hello Baby

Yeah you read right, baby number 3 is set to arrive on 5 November 2018 (still holding thumbs our Doc keeps to this date and does not decide to do our caesarian birth at 39 weeks because then hello October baby). While we are very excited I must admit this pregnancy took me by surprise – actually it was more like shock and fear!
If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that falling pregnant with Josh wasn’t as easy as we thought. After a year of trying and failing I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). We had countless tests, scans, bloods being drawn and ended up on Fertomid. But after having a miscarriage at 9 weeks we took a bit of a break for my body to heal before starting treatment again.


After a few months we were pregnant and yay Joshy was born. What my then specialist told me was that chances of falling pregnant naturally without medication was slim to non-existent. Side note: this was not the doc who delivered J.

The decision to have 3 kids

Now don’t get me wrong, we knew we wanted a third child one day… someday and imagined we’d need to go down that fertility route again one day… someday but it wasn’t anytime soon. We thought maybe once Joshy starts Grade 1, give us all some time.
So when I started feeling rough and utterly exhausted and felt like I was carrying 2 watermelons on my chest I had no idea it could be due to being pregnant, impossible right? Nope!
We just got back from a weekend away to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and I just couldn’t shake this urgh feeling. In my mind I thought I must be coming down with something, some illness I was fighting and I shared this with Carl who suggested I take a test. Yes I was late, but that’s not new to me. This has always been a normal occurrence hence not even considering the possibility of pregnancy.

Finding out we’re pregnant

So off I went to my clinic sister who confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and probably 5-6 weeks along.  Blood tests confirmed this and I called Carl immediately, still in shock and not quite sure if I was happy about the news or petrified knowing that in a few months I would be holding a new little baby – that would be living with us forever! Very dramatic.

How has the pregnancy been this time around? Quick recap of the 1st Trimester.

Now that you have the back story I thought I’d share how this pregnancy is completely kicking my ass.
  • With Danny I started showing at roughly 16 weeks, with Joshy it was 12 weeks but this time around I was showing at week 9. I googled this and so many other Moms out there have said the same thing. Time to unpack those leggings and maternity clothes.
  • The fatigue is insane this time around, bless my husbands heart he has been so great at ignoring the washing piling up and he’s been forgiving with me being on a cooking strike.
  • Speaking of cooking, I have never experienced nausea 24 hours a day every single day of my life like this. With D it was little to none, J it was there till week 14 but I had control over it, this time around however it’s been intense and I’ve been living on lemon water. Smells trigger it, thoughts trigger it, it’s constantly just lingering. The plus is there’s been no vomiting (unlike with J).
  • Spotting during pregnancy was a thing with Josh which was monitored but it happened sporadically. This time though it’s been a daily thing which never seems to end. But this too shall pass.
  • My skin currently resembles that of a teen going through puberty – which is completely out of my comfort zone. Yes I have had the occasional spot but this is just new territory which I am not enjoying at all. For the first 6 weeks after finding out I was pregnant I decided to stay away from using makeup in case the hormones and my products were waging war with each other – for the record this did not help.

It’s not all that bad though

  • I’ve had no cravings but have had many food aversions, which sucks! I absolutely LOVE spicy food and sauces, this was a severe craving when pregnant with J. This time around I cannot stomach anything strong or salty or my beloved pickled onions. I have however been leaning towards healthier food options as they sound more appealing to me (smoothies, lots of fruit, avodaco’s, veggies).
  • I am constantly thirsty and nothing seems to quench this thirst. But I have found that lemon water helps control my nausea as well as ease the thirst.
  • I need to wee all the freaking time. This also means that my sleep is constantly interrupted and it takes me a while to fall asleep again after!
  • I’m out of breath for no apparent reason for most of the day, I have checked with my Doc and all is well (before anyone stresses)
  • I’ve sucked at documenting anything. Unlike with J where I started taking belly pics at week 5. I haven’t had the energy to take a single belly pic at all during this trimester. I’ve since compromised and decided I’ll at least do 1 pic a trimester.
  • My brain is all mushy a lot sooner. I have successfully managed to block myself out of my phone and internet banking due to forgetting my passwords.
With all said and done I’m finally starting to enjoy myself. I’m well into my second trimester and thankfully it has been good. I absolutely LOVE being pregnant and even with all the above I’m finding joy in the experience. Thankfully I’ve already seen this baby twice and all is great so far.
If I could I would probably do this at least once or twice more but unfortunately life doesn’t allow for that so this will definitely be the last baby this body will carry.
My beautiful little bundle at 14 weeks
Attending the #HappyEvent #MommyHero event earlier this week and finally debuting my baby bump


Have each of your pregnancies been different? Would you say its a baby gender thing or just because each one was different? I’d love to know!

4 thoughts on “How the third pregnancy is kicking my ass – but I’m still LOVING it

  1. You are looking radiant and I am sooooo excited we are preggie twins! Makes it even more exciting somehow! Wishing you a blessed journey ahead! And how excited are the boys!?

  2. Argh, this was me when I found out I was preggers with baby Jo… mixed emotions. But, girl, let me tell ya (and I’m sure I dont have to tell you lol) as you draw closer to meeting your little baba, ag man everything just falls into place and those overwhelming mommy emotions take over! Enjoy the ride – being pregnant is beautiful. (And disgusting, but mainly beautiful lol)

    1. And disgusting – AMEN but beautiful.
      Thank you Hun, I’m finally in that happy zone. Of course we were grateful and felt truly blessed but it was still a bit overwhelming.

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