On your special day… Happy Birthday Josh

My precious little boy, it feels like just yesterday when Dad and I sat in the bathroom taking the pregnancy test to confirm what we had both known. Within 30 sec up popped the 2 lines.

Our little miracle baby was growing in my belly.

My pregnancy although challenging was amazing, you were amazing and we were thrilled to be welcoming you into our tribe.



At times this journey of Parenting and Motherhood has been challenging but looking at your precious little face and big bush of curls makes it all worthwhile.

Joshuah Carlisle Thomas, you are one amazing little boy. You are a strong willed, independent, intelligent little boy.

You have a laugh thats (although we only hear 4 times a year) so infectious and warms our hearts. When you speak my heart bursts with pride. I cannot believe that my tiny baby has grown into  this babbling toddler.

You have a love for your big brother that reminds me so much of my brother, your eyes light up when you see or hear Dannys voice.

The day you were born, all the Angels rejoiced as you my darling boy took your first breath. You’re a deep, serious and gentle spirited little boy and we love you.



This family would not be complete without you in it.

I pray Gods hand of protection upon your life my love.

There is no greater feeling than being your Mama.

Have a happy birthday Joshy!



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