Traveling with Kids: How to survive flying with your kids

Flying with kids

For most parents travelling with your children is an amazing experience, but for most of us the flight is the most challenging part of the experience.

If you’re a Parent and have booked flights to Cape Town or another destination and have flown with your kids, I salute you. Any form of travel with your family can be a terrifying experience if you have not planned appropriately.

Our experience

Before embarking on our first flight with Josh I was excited yet a nervous wreck. I didn’t want us to be THOSE parents whose kid screamed through the entire flight and made the flight unbearable for all the passengers. Thankfully I did my research on flying with kids and planned + packed accordingly.

Much to our surprise it was a fantastic experience, no crying no moaning and we all survived. The only slight hiccup I had was that I was asked to remove my baby from his wrap. I wore him and was asked to strap him on the seat next to me. Uhm. He was not even 3 months old, after the flight attendant called another crew member they advised that I was able to hold him during take off.  For safety reasons they would prefer him not to be in the wrap. Its always best when booking a flight with an airline to check the rules when it comes to kids.

Travelstart shares these essential tips ensuring that your children have a hassle-free flight.


Travelling with kids requires a bottomless amount of patience.

You may have traveled once before and it was easy but every flight is different. Just as we have our moods, our personality and stress factors. So do our kids.

It’s always refreshing to hear how other families make travelling work for them.

Here are some of my tips for flying with children in addition to the comprehensive list from Travelstart which made our flight bearable.


Select your flight times carefully, if you are able to be flexible with your dates and times then try to align this with your child’s schedule. We planned our flight around a nap time which made the journey so much more peaceful.


Family bathroom break BEFORE embarking on the Aeroplane. Ensure that nappies are fresh and clean, little ones have relieved themselves. Same rule applies for Parents.


Sit towards the back of the plane, you will have easier access to the bathroom facilities and unless the flight is full there will be space for your children to stretch their legs.


Ask for help. The flight attendants have seen it all. Should you need a quick break or just need assistance getting something out of your bag without a child attached to you then ask one of the attendants for assistance. I can assure you that in most instances they’ll be happy to help.


Pack appropriately. User friendly packing is key. No one wants to be lugging around a heavy bag. Be smart about what you take and how you pack it.

What to pack:

  • Socks
  • 2 Changes of clothes
  • A small blanket
  • Neck pillow
  • Snacks + Water
  • Entertainment goodies
  • Toiletries

Pack wisely to keep the children entertained. This includes ensuring that all devices are fully charged. Headphones are checked prior to flying. Games loaded, colouring in books and crayons are packed. Treats which are NOT high in sugar are ready.


Forget about the other passengers on board giving you the evil eye as you board and find your seats. The flight will end eventually – no reason to get anxious before it even starts.

Flying with your family may be rough, but don’t let that way down your decision. Whether you’re traveling abroad with your brood or hopping on a plane with cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart

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