Baby Shower recap : Think Pink

Hi all,

So I thought instead of letting time go by I would do a quick recap of the “Think Pink” babyshower we hosted for my sister 2 weeks back.

Let me just say I am baby obsessed and if I could I would pop out another 3, but my Husband would definitely pack his bags and leave. I think the 3 of us keep him busy as is.

The babyshower itself was held at the Durbanville Rose Garden, an ideal venue for any type of “tea” functions, even 1st birthday parties.

In preparation for the shower we did a few DIY crafts to save on costs, even though planning any sort of function comes with a price tag we all jumped in and contributed, which was a BIG plus.

Robbie (the baby sister) and I spent the week before cutting, pasting, making and getting our goodies together.

I posted most of the pictures on my social media accounts but for those who have not had a chance to check it out here’s a few pics of the day:






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 FB_IMG_1427971613966 FB_IMG_1427971638291  IMG_20150328_150009 IMG_20150328_150143


IMG_20150328_145731 IMG_20150328_145940

Most of the décor we purchased online at Mr. Price home store, thank goodness for Mr Price! These are just a few things I picked up to add to the glam of the day:

  • WHOOHOO banner (R39.99) HERE
  • Basic round paper lanterns (R39.99) HERE
  • Geometric Pom pom, 3 pack (R19.99)
  • Flower Pom pom, 3 pack (R19.99)
  • Pink and White stripe straws (R25.99) HERE
  • Cupcake cocktail serviettes (R15.99) HERE

The fingerprint guest tree was something special I had seen on Pinterest and thought it would be a great addition to the remember the day.

Our DIY photobooth was also something I had seen on Pinterest and then roped in my handy technical guys to make it for us. Now, I have a permanent backdrop which will definitely be put to good use in my family (we love, MY MOM LOVES, the camera).

  • Ribbons, 2M (various pinks) purchased online at Mr. Price Home (R9.99) HERE

Catering was done by the lovely Christine Van Deventer, and the food flew! I cannot speak more highly of her and the quality she produces for the amazingly awesome prices. All foods were kept at finger size portions to work with our “tea” theme.

Catering by Christine

Cakes and cupcakes was from La Vie Boulange and the lovely Robyn just also happened to be one of our beautiful guests, for beyond amazing cakes please drop her an email or give her a call and she’ll be happy to send off her pricelist.

Should you require further information on booking the Tea Room at the Rose Garden for your function please contact Gordon Webb on (h) 0219765179 or (cell) 0823320545 alternatively please send him a mail on and I’m sure he’ll be happy to respond.

All in all the day was a great success and the Mom to be had a great time, many memories, lots of photo’s and great presents for Aunty’s Princess Bella.

I am counting down the days till I get to hold this precious little bundle in my arms, her Aunty is already madly in love with her.


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