My blog CRUSH

My Blog Crush
blog crush

In my previous post I touched on how I entered the blogging world, very uncoordinated and not as eloquently as most. But I kept at it and I love what I do, when I find the time to do it and once I’ve done it I can sit back and catch up on all my favourites out there.
So join me and share in my blog crush this week and if there’s someone that you think I SHOULD be following then let me know!

Parenting and Lifestyle

Caffeine and Fairydust
Pregnant in Cape Town
Scary Mommy
The Blessed Barreness
3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House
The Consciously Incompetent Camel
The Milk Memoirs
Reluctant Mom
Surviving the Madness
Hello, Scarlett Blog
Shell Shocked Mummy


Pink Peonies
Jaclyn Hill (Vlog)
Lustrelux (Vlog)

Up and coming Blogs I love

The Scandi Way (Health and Wellness)
Hi Society (Lifestyle)
FashShaf (Lifestyle, Beauty)

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