Oh Baby : Newborn essentials vs Sanity Savers


Oh Baby!

Newborn checklists are everywhere when you’re pregnant and after reading a few its definitely possible to be overwhelmed. But don’t be! Most goodies you would have bought already but if money is a bit tight then purchase the BIG items and give the rest to your ladies planning your baby shower (or ask for gift cards to get the rest).

First up is the newborn essentials :

A cot, moses basket or a crib (plus a mattress), sheets and blankets (a thin breathable blankets for swaddling, a warmer one and a receiving blanket)

A car seat that’s suitable for a newborn
Bottles/teats/bottle brush (if not breastfeeding)

Lots of bibs and towelling nappies for burp clothes 

Cotton wool and an extra bottle of surgical spirits

Baby nail scissors for those sharp little nails that grow very quickly!

A pram or travel system just choose one that’s suitable from birth and can lay flat 

6 sleepsuits/long sleeved suits
6 vests/short sleeved suits

A jacket

Newborn sized nappies

Wet wipes if you want to use them from birth, although cotton wool and warm water works well. If you do choose wet wipes ensure that they are newborn suited and unfragranced

Baby bum cream or even better use Vaseline

Optional Extras :

Baby bath and bath thermometer

Brush and comb

A Nappy bag (though any of your oversized bags will do and if delivery at a Mediclinic hospital you’ll be sent home with one, or if you’re registered on the Dischem baby program you would qualify for one)

Steam steriliser / steriliser bag

A manual breast pump

Baby lotion and powder

Dummies (This one is a total personal choice)

Sanity Savers :

A baby wrap (this was one of the only things that kept me sane and allowed me to do house work, washing and grocery shop with a refluxy baby)

Baby swing, Walker and/or play mat 
(We used all of these with JT and they were great – no development issues, posture was fine and he crawled and started walking exactly when he was meant to)

Baby monitor

An electric breast pump if you prefer

Next up will be essentials for the Momma! Watch this space.

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

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