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Recently I joined the world of small business owner and its been both rewarding and challenging but definitely a blessing.

I have asked for and needed help more in the last 3 months than over the last year, several have completely ignored me / said no / were too busy (completely understandable, its year end and its been a hectic month and year) and then there’s a small few who allowed me to pick their brain, gave me valuable tips and much needed advice, guidance and encouragement. To them, you’ve just gained a loyal friend and follower for life.

Its hard to reach out when you feel you’re drowning and yell for help but no one hears / cares / puts out a hand. Guys I’m new to this and have felt the cold side of many. But it doesn’t get me down. I work through.


During the last few months I’ve realized even more so that time is not something I have much of in my life (well do any of us really), and in order to maximise the little I had I needed to step back and re-evaluate what I wanted to achieve.

I knew I wanted to keep blogging, but it was a frustration to manage more than one platform and I struggled to link the 2 brands. I knew I wanted to make a success of my small business, and in order to do this I needed to focus on one identity for myself.

I also knew that What happend to my body had had its season and it was time for MY new season (and I finally found the answer to what happened to my body, it was love. Love made it what it is).

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

I wish I was able to throw myself into my blog and business fulltime, however I do have other responsibilities i.e. a full day job with a boss in a big company. Hence my business is part time, I take on what I can and yes there have been prospective customers I have had to say no to and others I wish I had said no to, but I’d rather give 10 people my full attention and do an outstanding job than have 100 customers and do a semi to ok job. Customer service is important to me and my name is on the line when it comes to my items. It takes time, its not mass produced, there are no extra hands (just Carl and I) so please respect this and be reasonable / understanding when I advise that there is a minimum 7 working day turnaround time especially for custom orders. However I do try my utmost to get orders out asap.

Quite often I see Mom’s especially blasting companies on Facebook groups about delays in orders, customer service etiquette, products not up to standard etc. and yes at times there are chancers who want to just make a buck and don’t give 2 tickies about your orders. It’s a money making thing, but then there are others. These people are trying to build something, they go out of their way to please the customers (especially those challenging ones), once in a while it would be awesome to read a stream of compliments for these business on the same platforms. I’ve had outstanding service from a few companies that I’ve used and made a point of saying “Thank you, and reviewed them on such Mom groups”. Word of mouth is amazing, and when I see a business getting even one order from something positive I’ve said it warms my little heart. Business owners, take note, how you treat and interact with your customer will make a difference. It will either end the relationship or you will develop relationship and they will become a returning customer. That’s what we want.

Then, as customers, there is no reason to be rude to these businesses. They are not beneath you for starting something small, you are not superior because you threw a dog a bone. We work hard, in the background we run around sorting things out for you, we work late, we wake up early, we dream about your work / job / order / design. Trust us.

I love what I do, I love that I get to add something small to others lives. To capture a memory or milestone, to make an occasion special.

So welcome to the new Love Made Me!

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