Shimmy Beach Club: Salty air & sunkissed hair – The kids edition

Shimmy beach club takes kid friendly exciting new heights

One of the things I love about living in Cape Town is the abundance of kid friendly places, whether its arts & crafts, dining out, adventure activities, beach days or traditional kids play parks – we have it all. Many of these places I jot down on my list and during the year we work our way through it all, this year I’m adding Shimmy beach club to our list of kid friendly places.

Situated in a spectacular location, with a breath-taking backdrop of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain and vast ocean views, Shimmy Beach Club is a destination with endless opportunity for laid-back luxury and indulgence.

Shimmy Beach Club’s child friendly offering means the days when adults had to sacrifice delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere and stunning sea views for the sake of a kiddie’s menu are long gone. Whether it’s a relaxing day by the pool, a long lavish lunch or a decadent dinner you’re after, Shimmy Beach Club offers you the opportunity to ditch the baby sitter and indulge in an enjoyable family outing where the worlds of luxurious dining and kid-friendly facilities happily collide. Shimmy’s own designated kid’s play area consists of an indoor jungle gym, ball pit, arts and craft table and dedicated child minders who will keep a sharp eye on your little ones while you soak up the views and relax with a glass of wine on the beach, pool deck or in the restaurant area. Further than this, the Shimmy jumping castle goes up on most weekends, adding an extra element of fun to the mix that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Shimmy beach club offers a wonderful kids menu which I always appreciate! Some of the goodies on offer are

  • Bella’s half and half: 150g Rump steak served with veggies, chips and mushroom sauce
  • Chicken strips and chips
  • Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato relish
  • Fish fingers and chips
  • Hotdog on a foot-long bun with chips
  • Beef burger with chips
  • Hawaiian / Margarita pizza
  • Angie’s sushi rice with mayonnaise

And for dessert

  • Ice cream and chocolate sauce
  • Fresh fruit juice ice lollies

So if you’re stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids the last weekend before school starts then go check it out!

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