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Ride or die: What worked best for our family (one brand wonder)

When I first began this journey of Motherhood I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices there was available on the market. Different brands, different styles, different price ranges and one very frazzled young Mother to be.

Tommee Tippee, Dr Brown, Nuk, Avent, Pigeon etc. This post is not to throw shade at any brands out there, some families gravitate towards certain brands and some babies do the same.

You need to do what works for you (do you buy all your home appliances from different brands or stick to one you know and love?).

First tip – Don’t believe or listen to every bit of advice received except for taking my brand advice lol

Enter Tommee Tippee, Closer to Nature range.

Back then the range was not as readily available as it is nowadays but my baby took to his bottle with no problems. Disclaimer, we tried other brands but this seemed to be his brand of choice when it came to bottles – not dummy. If you’ve ever tried moving from breast to bottle and back you will know that sometimes this could be challenging for little ones, some refer to this as nipple confusion. But not all babies experience this little challenge.

If a breastfed baby is given a bottle during the first few weeks while he is still learning how to breastfeed, “nipple confusion” can occur. A nippleconfused baby may have difficulty latching or may try to use a bottle-feeding type of suck on the breast.

Some of the features we liked about the Tommee Tippee bottles were;

  • The wide-neck nipple is shaped like a breast, which allows babies to latch on easier, especially if they are used to breastfeeding
  • The nipples stretch, elongate and flex when your baby is sucking, just like breastfeeding
  • The bottles have a compact shape. They are shorter than some other bottles
  • BPA free

Let me say, whatever choice you decide to make regarding feeding your baby is YOUR choice. Nowadays there’s so much anger towards Moms who chose to bottle feed as opposed to breastfeed. Seriously ladies there are so much more important issues to fight for – this is definitely NOT one of them.

Over the years our obsession with the brand grew and so did our little family. So naturally when we discovered I was pregnant with our second born we headed to our local baby store and baby expo and stocked up on our favourite bottles and many more goodies.

Our smart buys

  • Closer to Nature bottle starter kit (tip, don’t waste money on buying the smaller feeding bottles – inevitably your baby will drink more in the next few weeks so just buy the bigger bottles one time. I was a chop and didn’t do this.)

Tommee Tippee Closer to nature bottles

  • Electric breast pump

(which is still in great working order, I may just need to get a new valve or check my parts before baby arrives and everything fits perfectly in its storage container).

Tommee Tippee electric breast pump

  • Dummies (Pacifier / Soothers) and eventually bought the teethers

(tried another brand which he just did not like, unlike his brother who used a different bottle and dummy brand who knows with this kid)

  • Nappy bin (we bought 2 different brands and had one in our bathroom and one in Joshy’s room.)

We ended up using the Tommee Tippee in our room more because the refills worked out more affordable

  • Wrap ‘n go nappy system which till this day is still attached to our nappy bag (empty though)

Tommee Tippee Wrap 'n Go

Thankfully we kept most of everything but I still cannot wait to hit up the baby expo. I need to top up on nappy bin refill cassettes, wrap ‘n go refills. Mom advice needed – do I need to buy new bottles or can I just use new teats? I also need to stock up on the disposable breast pads.

These are definitely going into my hospital bag / nappy bag and I will be doing a post on this in the next few months / weeks – they’re just so ultra soft.

tommee tippee disposable breast pads

My love for the brand runs deep. So much so that I’ve also started my sisters collection of Tommee Tippee for her. Talk about multi-tasking hey.

New on the market (well for me anyways) is the Closer to Nature perfect prep machine from Tommee Tippee

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine makes a fresh bottle at just the right temperature in less than 2 minutes. The Perfect Prep makes a fresh bottle, at the correct temperature, in less than 2 minutes. The filter system removes impurities present in water. The initial “hot shot” of water kills bacteria that may be present in the formula.
The Perfect Prep dispenses the correct amount of water for a more accurate and consistent dilution. The Perfect Prep machine works with any powdered milk formula. 

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine is available at:

  • Baby City,
  • Selected Babies R Us
  • Independent retailers,
  • Takealot

Recommended retail price of R2599. Additional Perfect Prep filters, which need to be replaced every 3 months are also available for R349.

Hey, I’m all about making life easy especially when juggling a new baby and other kids. Perhaps this is something worth a try once baby arrives.

Did you use Tommee Tippee with any of your kids? If you did is there something you’d recommend to add onto my baby shopping list? Let me know!




This is not a sponsored post. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own.


  • Michelle

    Must say we also love us some Tommee Tippee!! But we didn’t have any luck with their dummies and I much more prefer the Pigeon breast pads (the Tommee Tippee ones always feels like it is wet 🙁 ) Pigeon ones have great absorption! Where did you get the wrap and go system… I have seemed to miss this somewhere…

    • Lindsaytom

      Yay another fan! With Danny I used Pigeon (I don’t think there was lots of options back then) but I found the Tommee Tippee ones to be softer on the nips. We bought the wrap and go at the baby expo in 2013, will have to check in stores if they still stock these. I know that you can still purchase refills (netbaby and loot have them available).

  • Kim Muller

    We’ve used Tommee Tippee since Ethan was born. I recycled his bottles for Harper, only buying new teats. I used the breast pads, I have the electric breast pump, Harper uses their dummies and we have some storage cups for breast milk that I now use to store her foods in the freezer. Love the brand too!

    • Lindsaytom

      I should start getting some more storage containers – thanks for the heads up. I wonder if they make storage bags… We drove to various stores looking for that pump, at one stage it was so scarce and on preorder at Baby City.

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