My breastfeeding journey

My breastfeeding journey

My breast feeding journey began with Daniyal almost 6 years ago.

It is something I will always remember.

For me there was never a question as to whether I’d want to give it a try or setting a time limit on how long I’d stick it out. I just knew it was going to work for me and I’d love it.

I wasn’t wrong. I fell in love with it and so did my baby. We bonded instantly.


This went on for 2 years 3 months when Danny finally self weened.

Second time around and I thought it would be a walk in the park. WRONG!

After 6 weeks of sore nipples, crappy latching and me close to tears on more than 1 occasion I finally gave up. I was done and just like that it was as if my baby had heard my thoughts and changed his ways, he latched and I felt that connection again.

Now 12 months later and we still going strong!

I’m a proud breastfeeding Mommy, I will never judge another Moms decisions but I will definitely encourage every Mom to at least give it a try if she can.


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