Momma Drama

Have you noticed that there are just some people in the world who want to see you fail as a Parent and as a Mom? These are the people who always know better and make you second guess yourself and your Parenting. The sad thing is majority of the time its fellow Moms.

Momma drama is real, we see it and experience it daily and the crappy thing is that some don’t even know they’re doing it.

All too often I see women ripping each other apart on social media platforms,  there’s ladies who genuinely ask for help and assistance and these trolls take it upon themselves to criticise and belittle these ladies. Mom hate makes me furious.


Being a Parent is flippin hard work, and in todays world everyone needs as much support as possible.

We should be there to build each other up and not break a Mom down.

So ladies, STOP IT! Be there, encourage, love and support your fellow Moms. You don’t know the circumstances, you don’t understand this persons situation but what you do know is that they’re a Mom. The one thing that connects us is that the love we have for our children runs deep through every one of us.

So be a little kinder, speak a bit nicer, encourage each other and BUILD EACH OTHER UP! And if you have nothing to say then rather just be quiet.


We’re all Moms and trying to survive this thing called Parenting so let’s do it together!

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