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To say I was a stylish first time Mom would be a complete lie, I look back at the pictures and think WTH (let’s keep it PG). I looked old, frumpy and completely uncoordinated to say the least and not a stitch of makeup – I was a completely different person. I hid behind a scarf and oversized clothes and even wore guys t-shirts to just fit comfortably into something. But also I earned a tiny salary and ensuring I could afford nappies was ultimately at the top of my priority list, not fashion. That kid was birthed on one salary guys. It was rough. That was until my Mom got a hold of me and bought a few much needed maternity pieces for me from Woolworths (side note, not sure if they even stock maternity items anymore, this was in 2008). But these few pieces made me feel like a beautiful expecting Mom. 

Fast forward to 2013 and I embraced my bump and ever growing body to the max. I loved dressing it up and made every effort to look and feel great, and it paid off. I found my Mommy style and I loved it. For the better part of the 9 months I lived in leggings and dresses (during a winter pregnancy I might add), dressing them both up with boots and wedges for special occasions and down in sneakers. The important thing was that I was comfortable. I never hid my belly; I wore comfy form fitting items which just enhanced this blessing I was lugging around. I played with different patterns, statement jewelry pieces and had fun. The great thing was that I didn’t limit myself to only buying clothing from maternity stores and those that I did I made sure they could be worn from bump to beyond.
While strolling through the stores lately I’ve been inspired to put together a maternity wardrobe must-have list for those expectant Moms. Items that will last well past the 9 month mark.  

When shopping for maternity wear or non maternity wear there are a few things to remember;

1. Aim to flatter not look fatter

Avoid buying oversized or a few sizes bigger in anticipation of your growing bump. Every pregnancy is different, rather buy items which allow for growth of a bump or shop in stages (not all woman need to wear maternity pants in Trimester 1 – I didn’t need a single maternity pants for my second pregnancy, well apart from my work uniform.)

2. Fabric is important

You should aim to invest in breathable, soft durable fabrics. Invest in natural fabrics like Cotton. When shopping for bottoms, remember that Lycra is your friend.

3. Do not limit yourself to only shopping in the Maternity section.

Let’s get started

Shop your cupboard:

No need to go out and purchase new, just use what’s already in your cupboard

• Leggings

• Denim shirt

• Blazers and Jackets

Paired with jeans, solid t-shirt, a statement necklace and cute pumps or heels you’ll look adorable. Pregnancy is really the ONLY time it’s acceptable for blazers, jackets and pants not to close.

• Waterfall cardigans

• Low waist/waisted jeans

This may not be for everyone though. Keep in mind that the lower your pants sit on your hips, the better they’ll continue to fit you during your pregnancy.

Your staple pieces:

• Black leggings

If you don’t already own a great pair of leggings then buy a pair. For a more affordable option pop into your local Mr Price.

• Bold leggings

What’s not to love about a great print, or a pop of colour?

Sometimes in life all you really need is a pair of mermaid leggings right?

• Denim Shirt (there’s no rule with denim, it can be dark or light whichever works better or buy both)

• White / Black / Grey T-shirt or Strappy top

Great for layering and keeping the cold at bay this winter.

• A great wrap dress well or any form fitting dress

Perfect for any stage of your pregnancy and beyond

• Statement necklace

Big chunky pearls or a more dramatic layered piece, have fun.

Your nice to haves:

• A jacket or coat that actually closes

• Comfy black boots

Either flat or with a heel whichever you prefer – this could be an item you already own and can be worn with everything.

  • An awesome pair of overalls 

Your hospital bag:

• Button down PJ’s

Makes breastfeeding so much easier!

So what’s your maternity style? Care to share any must haves? 

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