Being a Mom of two

So this is me… still figuring out bloggin…

Since my first and last post we were blessed with a great pregnancy and a beautiful healthy happy bouncy baby boy named Joshuah Carlisle Thomas.

Its been one heck of a journey since then with highs and lows as one would expect. However the highs have been high and definitely outweigh the tiny lows.

Josh is now 10 months and Dan is 5 years old and these boys keep me busy all day every day!

I subscribe to quite a few blogs and this morning I stumbled on a old post from an amazing Mommy blogger and it brought about this sense of peace.

It was an open honest straight forward post that life of a Mom may be absolutely rewarding to you but its not always glamorous and at times is HARD work.

Everyone else always portrays this perfect Mom, kids perfectly behaved, house runs like a well oiled ship and her relationship with her husband is the best its ever been. Its hard reading those thing’s and saying “what the hell am I doing wrong” and thinking I wish I had that.

I try and juggle as best as possible but at the end of the day I’m tired and would appreciate a little bit of help every now and then. Also some me time would be highly appreciated.

Well thats my half year resolution… to start looking after me. My body, mind, relationship with my Carl and then focus on the family.

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