A day of spoils thanks to the V & A Waterfront

Things to do in Cape Town during the school holidays with the kids (or without – it’s your choice).

School is almost out which means the kids are starting to ask what you have planned for them during the school holidays. If like me you leave things to last minute then I’ve got you covered!

As most of you know I’m a born and bred Capetonian which one would think means I’ve seen most of the Cape right? Wrong. I stick to what I know, I stay within my comfort zones and what I know would work for my family but every now and then we branch out and it’s always amazing.

Last week we were invited by the awesome team at Corporate Image to spend a day at the V & A Waterfront with the kids which thanks to some time back I was able to accept, score!

Here’s the thing, when we get invited to events or to try something new I never tell my kids where we’re going or what we’re doing. I love being able to say surprise and blow their minds, yeah I take the credit (thanks to this little blog) and reap the rewards of their appreciation for long after. But my kids are also not a-holes (well most of the time they’re not), they understand why we get invited, they’re grateful and even say thank you and genuinely mean it. Thank goodness they also know how to “gedra” themselves at events well except for when Josh stood on a table at the event last night – I can’t blame him as he really got into the activities, and BIG RELIEF he was not the only Bloggers kid who did this – yeah you know who you are, I’m looking at you and laughing.

So off we trotted to the Waterfront yesterday afternoon to join the team for lunch at Col’Cacchio which was great. Pasta and pizza remains my jam – I’m carbo-loading for the Argus or 2 Oceans or something, you never know when you’re going to need to run or cycle.

Once the tummies were filled we headed off to explore and our first stop was The Cape Wheel. I must admit, that prior to actually climbing into our little car/booth/box in the sky I had no prior desire to do this with the family, now that we’ve been up we cannot wait to take Dad. It’s an experience, even though while we started reaching incredible heights I felt a very warm nauseous feeling creep over me and immediately needed to turn on the aircon – super loser. Once I had calmed down and the kids were confident that we would not fall out we were able to take in the beauty that is Cape Town. Granted it wasn’t the most glorious day it was still something to be hold.

Monday 4pm – 10.30pm
Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 10.30pm
Adult (18 years +) R120
Child (4 – 17 years) R60
Pensioners (60+) R60
Under 4 years free of charge
Pensioner’s fees apply on Tuesdays 10am to 6pm.
VIP Gondola (up to 4 adults) R800
Tickets include a R5 donation for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP TO THEIR BIRTHDAY CLUB where you will receive a rider voucher on your birthday

Next on the agenda was to check out Fantasy skate, a completely synthetic outdoor ice rink which the kids loved. Two things I learnt from that experience,
1 – None of my kids will become the next fantasy skate champion as they spent more time falling than actually skating, with Danny mastering the art of jogging in skates
2 – I really should take the boys actual ice skating as they had the best time
Well done to the brave Moms and Dads that ventured out onto the rink to spend time with their kids. For the safety of all the kids I stayed my ass put on land, the last thing we needed was me accidentally crushing one of my fellow bloggers kids.

DATE 30 June 2017 – 31 October 2017
11am-6pm week days
10am-7pm weekends
Operational for 4 months | 7 days a week | 20 minute slots
On the wharf, Pierhead Deck (west of the Clock Tower swing bridge)
R30 per person for a 20 min slot
Onsite Only

Now that the kids had burned off most of their energy from lunch we made a quick stop to Limnos Bakery to grab a slice of cake for a bit of a booster. Josh could literally eat cake 5 times a day and be super happy so he was thoroughly chuffed walking away with his cake in his box. We decided to park off at the kids play area outside which unlike weekends was completely empty which meant our handful of little ones could have free reign.

By this time the kids were just in 7th heaven from their day out and obviously thought the fun was nearing to end but they were wrong.

Soon it was time to head off to the opening of teamLab Future Park SA proudly brought to us by Huis Genoot, You and Drum magazine. If you haven’t heard about teamLab here’s the info, teamLab was formed in 2001 by a group of Tokyo University postgrads. This “ultra-technologists” group consists of a wide range of specialists who blur the boundaries between art, science, technology and creativity.

Basically it’s where art comes alive. I’m no artist but once we were inside I forgot about my kids and immediately started coloring in to test it all out.

Some of the activities we were able to enjoy last night were;

Sketch Aquarium
Children can observe the power of their imagination through Sketch Aquarium. Each participant is invited to colour a drawing of a sea creature of his or her preference. Once completed, the paper is scanned and the image is projected onto a giant virtual aquarium. Children will be able to see their creations come to life and swim with all the other sea creatures. Children may also touch the fish to see them swim away, or touch the virtual food bag to feed the fish.

A Table Where Little People Live
In this installation, little people run around an interactive tabletop screen around which children sit or stand. They’re encouraged to interact with the little people by placing objects on the table. As each object is introduced, the movements of the little people change – they interact with the objects by jumping, climbing and sliding onto them.

Connecting! Block Town
Here cars and trains run along digitally projected roads and railroad tracks that are connected by physical wooden blocks. As children place different blocks on the table, more cars and trains appear to form a townscape!

Sketch Town Papercraft
Pictures drawn in Sketch Town can be turned into unique 3-D papercrafts that children can take home. The process of creating 3-D objects helps children to understand spatial perspective.

Light-ball Orchestra
Rolling a light ball changes its colour and sound. Combined, the light balls form an orchestra. The overhead ball communicates with the other balls – touch it and the surrounding balls are affected, changing the colour of the entire space!

Hopscotch for Geniuses
For this game circles, triangles and squares are projected onto the floor. When children expertly land on the shapes, they trigger sounds and colours. Landing on the same shapes or colours in succession creates ever more beautiful colours and sounds!

The kids were completely blown away by the experience, it was just so overwhelming in an awesome way to process everything and Danny my wonderfully intelligent little boy is keen to return and explore more.

Ticket prices:

Single ticket – R130

Family of four – R460

Student and Pensioner ticket – R115

By the time I dragged my kids to the car it was nearing 9pm and definitely way past bedtime but memories were made and they had the best day ever!

Thanks Guys for inviting Team Thomas, so if you’re unsure of what to do with the kids during the holidays I suggest you pop on over to the V & A Waterfront for a fun filled day of adventure with the kids.

Pop on over to my Instagram account or Facebook to see some pics of our day.

Till later


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