The not so festive season


For many the festive season is a joyous time; it’s a time for big family gatherings, family lunches, late nights, lots of travel and daily outings and inevitably way too much spending. But then there are the others, the people who dread this time of the year.

Growing up we went through different stages, when life was good it was really good but when things went bad it was hard and many of us know someone like this.

As most know, I love Christmas and the festive season. I love being in my home, spending time with my family and making memories but at one stage in my life this time of the year was the hardest and one I dreaded. Why? Well for a few reasons.

·         I remember the first festive season after my parents divorced, hard

·         I remember the Christmas where we received food parcels because we had no food, hard

·         I remember Danny’s 1st Christmas and mine as a single parent, hard

·         I remember having to celebrate the festive season 6wks after losing our baby, hard

These are just a few of the of the seasons I have personally been through and they were hard. But there are so many others who have had similar if not more challenging festive seasons.

As a Parent, there’s nothing more important than giving your child then best you have to offer and this season brings about many financial challenges for some people. Many homes go without having presents and food, and it’s not by choice, it’s because these people just don’t have anything left to give.

I know, I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to pray that someone invites us for lunch, just so that I know my baby sister will eat. I know what it’s like to live in that situation, as the child. Knowing that there’s no money for food let alone presents, seeing my Parent feeling ashamed that they could not provide.

Spare a thought for these people this season; for the ones who have lost someone dear to them, give them an extra cuddle, to the Mom and Dad that cannot afford to get their kids gifts, buy something small from the Parents, for the family you know won’t have anything to eat, throw in something extra on your next grocery shop.

This festive season, be a little more kinder, love a little more deeper, have empathy for those around you who may be going through a difficult time. We all can’t afford to be helping every person that crosses our path, but we can make a small difference in one person’s Christmas. Speaking as a kid who was once in a situation like this, your R50 donation bought us bread, milk and polony to last us an extra week. Your food parcel ensured that we went to bed with food in our tummy’s and could focus on school the next day. Your act of kindness, made a difference.

So this season, I challenge you to make a difference! One simple selfless act could change everything for one special person.

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