20 Things you didn't know about me…


So my beautiful baby sister tagged me on Instagram in doing this #20facts #20thingsaboutme #20questions post, so here goes (I’m actually kinda boring really)

1. My birth name is Lindsay – Leigh Savage
2. I always wanted to be a Mother
3. Being a Mother is the hardest most scariest thing I have ever done in my entire life (and I’ve done ALOT of stupid reckless dumb scary things)
4. I’d love to own my own sucessful events company one day
5. Even though I brought 2 beautiful baby boys into the world via unwanted csecs I still want to have a natural delivery
6. I have 3 tattoos I’m happy with and 2 in need of fixing…. well its 1 which I wanted covered then the guy who attempted to do this made it worse. I now don’t wear anything sleeveless because it looks terrible (to me)
7. I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes
8. I regret not having a first dance with my Hubby on my wedding day
9. I’m addicted to brownies “Brownies in a bag” recipe that Cindy Alfino posted a while back
10. I would like to do my degree next year through Unisa (financially I know I can’t but I’m registering in faith)
11. I hate hate hate my body at the moment, and I have no motivation to change it or time or energy really
12. I’ve loved my Husband since 2002
13. I have extremely bad luck with cars (knocks, scrapes, scratches, bumps)
14. As a child I lived in Uzbekistan for 2 years #missionarykid #10/40window
15. I love all things vintage / retro
16. I have a baby Angel in heaven
17. I was once in an abusive relationship #debbiedowner
18. I have a handful of friends (can count on my 2 hands ACTUALLY 1 – I just counted – hand), don’t make them easily #loseralert
19. I’d actually love to be a stay home Mom
20. I always wanted to be a ballerina

This was a mouth full I know, more like confession!

AND I’M EXCITED FOR MY BABYS 1ST BIRTHDAY on the 16th. Followed by my wedding anniversary on the 24th and my Birthday on the 25th!

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