Countdown to Christmas has begun

If you don’t know by now then let me enlighten you, the holiday season is OFFICIALLY here!

Last weekend we finally put up our Christmas tree and started getting into the festive swing, discussing plans, sharing our prezzie wish list and spending time as a family together (love tank full, the older I get the more my love language has evolved, I still do love a spoil every so often but more importantly I adore quality time).

So in kicking off this festive cheer I thought I’d share a few Christmas traditions I had while growing up and what we do with our boys, or what we are trying to do with our boys.



Out of all the clothing in my boy’s wardrobe, the items of clothing that get the most wear and tear has always been their PJ’s. How many times have you allowed the kids to spend the day in their PJ’s, and played in the garden in them, or with water, or the mud. Or climbed a tree in them and built Lego in them. Now adding to rough play, frequent use and washing definitely take a toll on these delicate items and as the festive season approaches it’s only fair to invest in a good set of PJ’s for the kiddies, which they get to wear on Christmas eve. It’s something small, something special and a tradition my Mom has passed onto us and I freakin love it.

Christmas clothes

You DON’T have to ask me twice to go on the hunt for something special for my boys to wear for Christmas, however in our family it work’s a bit differently. Ma Rhon kits the Grandkids out for Christmas day (which is a score in our pocket), and has become a tradition (and getting more costly with every grandkid that arrives). This is a special day that she puts aside per kid to go shopping. Quality time, check and Christmas clothes, check.

Way back then, My Mom would take us Christmas clothes shopping in like April (bless her) and we would do a Christmas haul and then lay-bye the items just in time for Christmas (do people still do this). Then in November we’d go and collect our clothes (always a memorable day), and we’d fit everything on and show our Dad and be so chuffed with these new things (I was so boring, these things normally consisted of underwear, PJ’s, clothing and socks but they were new and all mine).

*   FOOD

Cookies for Santa


As cheesy as this is, this year we bought Santa / Father Christmas his OWN plate to eat his cookies off. Was it something the boys wanted, probably not, could it have been me overly excited, possibly. But needless to say, his plate will be under the tree come Christmas Eve and the cookies will be eaten (Carl, remember to eat the cookies).

The tradition in my Mom’s home however wasn’t to give Father Christmas cookies but rather chocolate cake, I mean seriously he eats cookies by everyone else’s house we NEEDED to be different (and my Mom is definitely different).


A Christmas tradition, or more so a Christmas Eve tradition growing up was to watch Little Woman, I’m not sure why. But we watched it and loved watching it. Still, it’s not the traditional Christmas movie but it’s our tradition. And keeping with the movie theme I thought I’d share some other Christmas movies for you to consider watching this Christmas

*     It’s a Wonderful Life

*     A Charlie Brown Christmas

*     A Christmas Carol

*     A Christmas Story

*     Elf

*     The Grinch

*     The Nightmare before Christmas

*     Arthur Christmas – LOVE

*     The Santa Claus (well any of them really)


Here’s the debate in our home… I’m a Celine, Mariah kinda Christmas girl but my Darling Husband is a hardcore Boney M kinda Christmas guy. I guess a little bit of both worlds is good though.

And Poll Question, how many of you own the following CD’s?




Ok so now that I’ve triggered some Christmas memories, let me know what you did as a child or what you have started doing with your kids. I’d love to hear! This is after all my MOST FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR!

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