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Kellogg’s Breakfast for Better Days

How could a better today change tomorrow? The possibilities are endless. Breakfast is not just a meal; it’s the making of a brighter future. With every morning comes a bright new beginning. It’s a chance for all of us to realise the potential of the day. And when we start the morning right, there’s no end to what each day can bring!

I’m teaming up with the guys of the Kellogg’s CSI Initiative to ensure that you’re covered this festive season with breakfast!


I personally suck at having breakfast in the morning, there’s just no time, no energy, and stuff need to get done BUT we ensure that the kids ALWAYS have breakfast (even when they’re being fussy) and WHY, because breakfast is important and I said so. But lets look at the facts:

♥      Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration during the day

♥      Breakfast provides energy for the activities during your day

♥      Breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight

♥      Lowers cholesterol levels

The Kellogg’s Breakfast for Better days Initiative launched in 2014 after finding that almost 1 in 5 learners go to school hungry. The programme launched in Gauteng, KZN, WC and EC, and together with Foodbank serves 25, 000 learners each school day, to learners who would otherwise go hungry. The programme commits to serving 5 million breakfasts each year.  Feedback from the schools has been positive since the programme started.

♥      Less absenteeism – teachers have reported that learners are turning up to school on time and even earlier, so that they can get their breakfast. A lot of the learners only have access to one meal a day at home, according to some schools.

♥      Better concentration in class – before the programme, teachers said that learners would fall asleep in class and battle to participate in their studies.

♥      Meeting National Targets – teachers have reported challenges in meeting the national targets as set out by the Department of Basic Education, which they say has gotten easier since their learners have access to food at school.

♥      Better moods and less aggression – children are in higher spirits and incidents of aggressive behaviour has decreased, yes being H-A-N-G-R-Y is a thing, we’ve experienced it before and its so not pretty

♥      Less Illness – teachers no longer have to stop teaching to tend to sick children in the class.

♥      Overall improved academic performance – all 43 schools participating in the programme have reported that they have seen an increase in academic performance since they have had access to a meal in the morning.


Now for the awesome hamper… One lucky winner will walk away with an AWESOME hamper filled with a variety of Kellogg’s cereals!


This is definitely going to come in handy during the holidays, don’t you agree?

So what are you waiting for????? Enter now!

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And while you’re online, go and check out a bit more about the Kelloggs for better days programme here

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