Promoting Momtrepreneurs

Hi All,

Slightly different type of post today. But I thought why the hell not.

I am a loyal customer, and love shopping! These are 2 facts about me.

What I have found that if I receive excellent service from a specific store or person, I will spread the news, give praise where its due and I will be forever loyal. That’s just how I operate. Even more so if you’re a Momtrepreneur. I love supporting Moms who are making their little mark in the world.

Well done on juggling family responsibilities as well as running your own business.

So if there are any Momtrepreneurs out there, send me a mail about what you do or sell and I’ll be more than happy to share it with the world.

Two such ladies I have recently crossed paths with are:



Great service, quick turnaround time and well… Great gifts!

Till later


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