Pregnancy | Series | My favourite… Apps

Pregnancy | Series | My favourite… Apps

One of the first things I did after finding out (after freaking out completely) I was pregnant was download some pregnancy apps to my phone. Of course, there are tons of apps out there and I tried out a few. But eventually I narrowed it down to my favourites (and deleted the others).

So how do we know which ones are best?

Today, I’m sharing the three apps I use the most and keep on my phone as well as one honourable mention. These turned out to be the best for me, they may or may not work for you depending on what your needs are.


You can choose a theme and each week the app will tell you what size your baby is at. Real-time alerts when your symptoms could be dangerous. Track your weight, sleep, moods, activity, and more. See your baby’s actual hand size. I’ve set my theme to fun and games (so over the fruit and veg) and I love that you can make it match your personality. As I type this, my baby is as big as a baseball hat. Ovia also has a fertility app which is great if you’re TTC.


As with most other apps this one has all the usual pregnancy tools, including a weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer.  You will also have comprehensive information about you and your developing baby. Here’s the feature I like the most about it (especially to include the kiddies),  award-winning fully interactive 3D Models of fetal development (my boys love watching the baby move, sometimes they spin the poor 3D baby around – lets hope they don’t try the same with their little sister). Another nice feature is that the app is  written by Doctors along with pregnant Mothers To Be.

What to Expect

I believe that this is a good old  faithful in the world of pregnancy apps. It tells me the size of baby girl every week (like every other app), her weight as well as gives me weekly notifications. It also generates about 4-5 topics / articles everyday as well, occasionally I will read through some articles that catch my eye. I also enjoy the chat forum, I belong to the November 2018 club as well as a few others (screenshot below).

Honourable mention

Mediclinic Baby

Because I’m loyal to the brand I guess. I’ve had both my kids at Mediclinic facilities and this time around will be the same. It has useful information pertaining to your stay at your given Mediclinic hospital like “what to pack” lists for the hospital, a weight tracker, contraction timer, frequently asked questions, post natal information as well as a vaccination reminder schedule. Plus for me was being able to go through the pre-admission process via the app.


If you’re giving birth at a Mediclinic facility and have not as yet registered on the Mediclinic baby programme you can do so via SMS (SMS Register4baby to 37838 you will be contacted and registration will be done telephonically) or follow the link HERE or email to

Mediclinic Baby

Postnatal support

Services such as postnatal classes and baby clinics are offered at selected hospitals.

24-HOUR HELPLINE – 0860 233 333

A dedicated nurse practitioner will assist you on this number and answer all questions relating to the programme, our facilities and services as well as medical advice.

NOTE: Please remember to book your bed at your Mediclinic of choice as soon as you receive your authorisation number from the medical aid. The programme registration is not a substitute for this important action.

What pregnancy apps or resources do you use to stay on top of your baby information? Let me know in the comments.



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