Hey hey, it’s my very first currently post!

Not that I have much going on currently but I’m still excited to do this.

Following my blogcation recently I have bounced back rather slowly. I had these wonderful plans of pumping out a post at least weekly but the reality is that most times I don’t have much to say, or maybe it’s that I don’t quite know how to put it in a post. So instead of doing anything, I sit and read other bloggers posts. Some give me the vooma I need to write something and others just make me sit and think.

So in saying that I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a currently post.


Normal, soft and squishy.


Acting like I’m working. Lol

Actually looking forward to just relaxing. We don’t generally do anything much on weekends, we don’t get out, we don’t do DIY things, we kind of just go with the flow of whatever happens. This does tend to mean we have 2 very irritable boys who suffer from cabin fever, I’m a homely body. I love my home. I love being there (when there’s no washing, cleaning, laundry to be done).


Let’s see what this weekend holds.

Maybe I should do Danny’s desk this weekend, sounds like a plan. Got all we needed for the DIY last weekend at Makro.

This is the idea


Ugh, just remembered we (Carl) needs to help me sort out our garage (which has been taken over by the boys and is currently being used as a storeroom / playroom).


See “Trying”


Well I haven’t started as yet but I’d really like to do something creative put my hands to good work and do something I enjoy. The first thing which has popped into my head has been knit something. Herein lies two problems though, number one I can’t find my knitting needles (probably in a box at my Moms place) and number two I can only knit a scarf (well actually let’s just call it what it is, a long strip). I have no idea how to cast off. So this weekend it’s me and YouTube.

The second thing I’d like to do is crochet. I have this vision of the perfect crocheted blanket that I’d like to make. Another problem, I don’t know how to crochet. Pretty much useless right. Well lets hope this changes soon.


I have a Mother in law with all the knowledge in the world about knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting, embroidery and yet I haven’t made any time to learn. So that will probably be step two, following YouTube obviously.


Nothing has really jumped out at me lately. I watch the usual series (nope not Game of Thrones, we missed S1 & S2 and you can’t start watching something new without the background. Would still love to watch from S1 though) Elementary, Modern Family, Shameless (don’t judge me, in saying this though when things get a bit out of control my moral compass does change the channel), CSI Cyber (love all the CSI’s except the New Orleans one #cheapacting), Greys, Hawaii Five-O, The Fixer (actually enjoy), The Big Bang Theory (definitely enjoy and cannot wait for the new season to start), Nashville.

But there’s nothing that I’m crazy over, let me know of any suggestions you may have.

Laughing at

Myself mostly. Sometimes I’m not the brightest bulb in the box hey, and I’m so comfortable in saying this aloud. But it’s good to keep your sense of humour. Another thing would probably be the kids, they do and say the funniest things.


My husband, marriage is NOT for the feint hearted. It takes BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS. But working on it is part of our daily responsibility towards each other. Every now and then it’s good to stop and focus solely on us, which we are BAD at doing. As parents we have a responsibility to our kids, and I think most married couples with kids will agree, your life just revolves around them (especially the Mothers) and everything else happens if and when you have time and energy. Sitting talking to your spouse about their day can be last thing on your mind and is very hard to do when all you want to do is sleep. Last night we had a date night which started off rocky but eventually we both enjoyed. We actually went to the pre-screening of Jurassic World 3D at the IMAX, definitely not what I expected and to me definitely not that child friendly (well not for my children). I could see a few kids having nightmares last night.



Business Management text book, have my last exam for this semester on Monday. Yippee. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that I pass. Lol Almost done for now.

Once I’m done I can focus on reading a good book, in all honestly I haven’t even opened a book in 2 years and I love reading. Well I lied, I read lots of baby books as one does and yet again the books were completely wrong. Moral of the story, throw the boys book out of the window and trust your instincts. They will come, eventually.


Down side of my new job is that we have no radio, no music, nothing in our office. So I sit listening to my colleagues, listening to the phone ring, listening to my typing. In the car I generally listen to the radio in the event there’s anything important traffic wise. However when the news isn’t on, I turn down the volume and think. I listen to myself. Try and make sense of all the thoughts rushing through my head. The minute I pick up the boys, their music goes on. Then its Row your boat, Old McDonald, Fishing for Jesus, This little light of mine etc.


This plan has been coming along for 4 years, our trip to Thailand. Which hopefully will be in March 2016. Think it’s about time Carl and I had a bit of a breakaway and by then I should have cut the invisible umbilical cord which is still attached to Josh. Can you believe we have never had a night away from our boys. Josh is 21 months and we have never spent a night away from him. With Danny it was easier for him to stay over at one of the Grans as he was older and could understand. But Josh, he’s another little character (his nickname is “The Beast” for a reason). He is still very attached to me. Very!

Planning my laundry for the weekend. I can see myself cleaning, washing, doing laundry all weekend like every weekend. I hate it.


Till Later

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