Flip, this year is just zooming past me and I’m battling to find my rhythm.
By now I would have had my routine sorted, nailing Motherhood (well in my eyes), giving my blog some love regularly and churning out orders. The sad reality is, my routine is non-existant, I’m barely being an ok’ish Mom, my blog has been hugely neglected and orders have been slow. Not to mention work has been slightly more challenging than normal and it has nothing to do with my workload.

So bear with me while I kick my own ass into gear. I promise it will be worth it.

I haven’t been completely silent though, you may have noticed that I’ve been doing a monthly column on Tums 2 Tots Online, The Kids Style File – which I’m loving. If you haven’t checked it out yet then please do so, all the cool kids are reading it. And I’ve also been features on Baby Group, you can read about my story here.

On the home front I’ve started doing small DIY things to make our house feel more like my home, and its been good. Small changes, working within a budget and a little bit of time that’s all you need. Yesterday I finally feel like I accomplished something huge at home, I managed to pack everyone’s washing away (usually they just get folded and end up in the laundry room also knows as Joshuah’s room, which he refuses to use after I DIY’d the s**t out of it). Yes these are WINS in my book.

The kids, they’re doing good. School has been good, homework sucks (it sucked when I was at school and sucks just as hard this time around). Danny competed in 2 cricket tournaments and LOVED it. His batting needs attention but flip my kid can bowl (well compared to other 7 year olds). Josh, well we’re just happy he’s not sobbing his heart out when we drop him off at school in the mornings (and Carl is happy he no longer has to pay him to attend school, yes, this was a thing for about a month – he is 2). I still however need to find a decent school in the Eversdal / Stellenberg / Stellenridge area which will not cost a fortune. Side note, school fees are expensive (Thanks Mom and Dad).

The Hubs and I? We doing good. He’s very private so I don’t share too much about his life, work, interests other than to brag occasionally.

On the blog front I’ll be upping my game, I’ll be attending 3 events in the next month which I cannot wait to report back on, reviewing products and sharing some DIY tips. Ooh and look out for a Love Made Me competition really soon and a super duper bonus to our 2000th page like (I’m being optimistic here).

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