Oh my, what a great day.

A while back I saw a post up regarding the #CTmeetup and was quite excited about tge possibility of meeting some new Moms and more experienced bloggers in Cape Town.

However it did take a lot of guts to actually buy a ticket, you know new faces and awkward conversations and all.

Well today was not like that at all!

It was great being able to chat to so many ladies I would not ordinarily get to meet. I had such a great time!

49 chatty Cathys, giveaways, dim sum, cheesecake (I passed on this) and even a goodie bag. What a great Womans day.


However I’ve definitely realized I’m more of a blog follower than a blogger, these ladies are insanely awesome and organized and well… I can’t even find time to exercise 3 times a week for 15min, so where in heavens name am I going to find time and energy to write blog posts regularly… thats a question for another day!


My lovely goodies!

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