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  • Tums 2 Tots online

    Tweet 2015 has been a year of many firsts, some awesome and some I could have done without. Its also been a year of making new friends, one just so happens to Mandy from who is the new Big Boss Lady . So when Mandy asked if I’d like to be a guest writer for her I JUST HAD TO SAY YES! Go and show some love by checking out my first article HERE and if there’s a brand you think I need to know about and feature then mail me at Till later LT

  • Christmas gifting made easy

    Tweet I adore Christmas time, well I just love the spirit around the festive season. But as a Christian this time of the year has a deeper meaning than just gifts but that’s a post for another day. This post is about gifts. In keeping with the festive season I thought I’d share a few affordable Christmas gift ideas for the ladies in your life (or for yourself) which won’t break the bank and are from my favourite stores.

  • Ice Galaxy, the coolest place in the universe

    TweetLast night the Thomas gang was invited to attend the opening of the Ice Galaxy at Canal Walk. This is something Danny has been wanting to do for so long, but we’ve never really found the time or energy to take him (yes, bad parents). And since the boys have been more challenging of late we decided not to mention anything to them about this, if their behaviour was great over the last week then we would attend but if not I would happily have declined. Surprise surprise and they were relatively well behaved so off we went. Danny walked in and completely flipped out, he was beyond excited to…

  • Countdown to Christmas has begun

    TweetIf you don’t know by now then let me enlighten you, the holiday season is OFFICIALLY here! Last weekend we finally put up our Christmas tree and started getting into the festive swing, discussing plans, sharing our prezzie wish list and spending time as a family together (love tank full, the older I get the more my love language has evolved, I still do love a spoil every so often but more importantly I adore quality time). So in kicking off this festive cheer I thought I’d share a few Christmas traditions I had while growing up and what we do with our boys, or what we are trying to…

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