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  • School

    Back to school, back to life

    TweetThis year started off with a bang and firsts for our boys. Josh started at a new branch of his school with a new teacher and survived. He’s still a bit apprehensive and nervous around his new teacher as its only day 3. But there’s only been a handful of tears. And then my precious Danny. Oh my heart, my first born, the day he was born I was reborn. Danny started Grade 1 today and flip it was hard for me but I know if i had a meltdown he would’ve been emotional and I didn’t want that on his first day. So without getting overly emotional here’s my…

  • The Kids Style File

    TweetHello 2016! During 2015 I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some AMAZING woman, one of which just happened to be one of my favourite Mom bloggers, Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town and since meeting her I’m pleased to say our friendship has just blossomed. Its not very often I meet someone who I just connect with, someone who understands the challenges Parenting poses like I do and is 100% real. A like minded working Momma who like me is obsessed with our kiddie. Well if you don’t know who she is then shame on you, she’s amazing. When she is not blogging she is also writing editing and…

  • My 5min busy Mom makeup routine

    TweetIn my pre-baby days I definitely had time to enjoy my beauty routine for both day and night time, however fast forward to the present and 2 kids later time is of the essence in our home and with a busy morning routine I needed to make this process as smooth and quick as possible and still manage to walk out of the house looking presentable. So here’s my favourite products and my what I do. I always start with moisturizer (this can range from an actual moisturizer or rubbing excess cream from my arms and legs to my face – do not judge), my favourite for this when I…

  • Momma Drama

    TweetHave you noticed that there are just some people in the world who want to see you fail as a Parent and as a Mom? These are the people who always know better and make you second guess yourself and your Parenting. The sad thing is majority of the time its fellow Moms. Momma drama is real, we see it and experience it daily and the crappy thing is that some don’t even know they’re doing it. All too often I see women ripping each other apart on social media platforms,  there’s ladies who genuinely ask for help and assistance and these trolls take it upon themselves to criticise and…

  • Lets celebrate : Win with Tums 2 Tots

    TweetWho doesn’t love a giveaway? Well i do and I love giving to others. So this week I’ve joined forces with Mandy from Tums 2 Tots in celebration of my first article to bring you this awesome prize just in time for Christmas. Want to know more? Enter via link! LINKY LINKY Thanks for the support!

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