• Mom Stylin 

    TweetTo say I was a stylish first time Mom would be a complete lie, I look back at the pictures and think WTH (let’s keep it PG). I looked old, frumpy and completely uncoordinated to say the least and not a stitch of makeup – I was a completely different person. I hid behind a scarf and oversized clothes and even wore guys t-shirts to just fit comfortably into something. But also I earned a tiny salary and ensuring I could afford nappies was ultimately at the top of my priority list, not fashion. That kid was birthed on one salary guys. It was rough. That was until my Mom…

  • Top 5 : My fashion blog crush

    TweetMy Fashion blog crush needed to be a post on its own, I love when I can relate to a blogger. Be it because of the field of interest or because they’re Momma’s. Well these are my Crushes and super score, they’re all Moms! I love their style! Check them out My Corner View Hard core girl crush happening right here, Gaelyn has to be one of my favourite bloggers! I love her style, she just has a bit of an edge that I like. Style by Alina Cara Loren A Spoonful of Style Pink Peonies Kid Tested, Mother Approved

  • My blog CRUSH

    TweetMy Blog Crush In my previous post I touched on how I entered the blogging world, very uncoordinated and not as eloquently as most. But I kept at it and I love what I do, when I find the time to do it and once I’ve done it I can sit back and catch up on all my favourites out there. So join me and share in my blog crush this week and if there’s someone that you think I SHOULD be following then let me know! Parenting and Lifestyle Caffeine and Fairydust Pregnant in Cape Town Scary Mommy The Blessed Barreness 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House…

  • Tums 2 Tots online

    Tweet 2015 has been a year of many firsts, some awesome and some I could have done without. Its also been a year of making new friends, one just so happens to Mandy from www.pregnantincapetown.co.za who is the new Big Boss Lady www.tums2totsonline.co.za . So when Mandy asked if I’d like to be a guest writer for her I JUST HAD TO SAY YES! Go and show some love by checking out my first article HERE and if there’s a brand you think I need to know about and feature then mail me at heygirl@lovemademe.co.za Till later LT

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