• Redo the do

    TweetBecause it is not an official makeover, I choose not to call it this. Lets just say I’m redo’ing my do in my lounge. We have a weird L shaped open plan lounge kitchen area which is the most utilized space in our entire home. This being said it needed a little bit of love which is what I’m currently doing. No need to save, plan and spend on this one which is a big score. We’re simple people, and as long as I have the basics then I’m chilled. This time I used what we already had and only added a few extra pieces. Our home is not big,…

  • Lets celebrate : Win with Tums 2 Tots

    TweetWho doesn’t love a giveaway? Well i do and I love giving to others. So this week I’ve joined forces with Mandy from Tums 2 Tots in celebration of my first article to bring you this awesome prize just in time for Christmas. Want to know more? Enter via link! LINKY LINKY Thanks for the support!

  • Tums 2 Tots online

    Tweet 2015 has been a year of many firsts, some awesome and some I could have done without. Its also been a year of making new friends, one just so happens to Mandy from www.pregnantincapetown.co.za who is the new Big Boss Lady www.tums2totsonline.co.za . So when Mandy asked if I’d like to be a guest writer for her I JUST HAD TO SAY YES! Go and show some love by checking out my first article HERE and if there’s a brand you think I need to know about and feature then mail me at heygirl@lovemademe.co.za Till later LT

  • Home Office Inspiration

    TweetLiving in a rental can sometimes be challenging. Your space is not always “your own” meaning painting, drilling, renovation work is not always possible. To me, this has been frustrating. I swear these landlords do the minimum to these units purposefully. Our current challenges are: Lack of packing space, most definitely in our kitchen as well as the kids rooms. Dull white walls Not the most glamorous kitchen counter tops Since launching Love Made Me I’ve definitely found the need to have official office space / work space. At present I do design work either in my bedroom or my make shift office in our garage. This has worked until…

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