• Help, my kid refuses to sleep!

    Being a Parent comes with its ups and downs, there will be good times and there will be times you regret – any Parent that says no is lying and yet I will still never change it for the world. It’s challenging at the best of times and its fine to agree that kids sometimes suck but I love my little family, the only thing I still need is a damn decent good night’s sleep.

  • Cheers to September

    TweetSo I’ve been fairly quiet lately and not due to losing interest in my little blog but because September has been a crazy busy month for us! We started off with Josh starting a new school, which was the best decision we could ever have made. Yes it’s a lot more money and we’ve had to watch ourselves this month but he has just flourished. I made a comment after his first week of school comparing his current to the previous on Facebook (without mentioning any names) and was bashed by his ex principal – which could have pushed me over the edge and I could have been charged with…

  • #CarseatFullstop – Instilling healthy habits from the start

    TweetAs Parents we have a responsibility towards our children, to love them, care for them, provide for them and protect them.  As a child our family were fortunate enough to always have a vehicle and our Parents only rule in it was that every passenger HAD to have a seatbelt on at ALL times. This was never something we negotiated or fought about it.  So why nowadays is it easy to just let it slide and allow our kids to dictate their need or lack thereof for seatbelts or to be in a car seat? Because it keeps the peace, right? I know, I’ve been there. I’ve had to bribe…

  • http://www.canalwalk.co.za/events.htm

    What to do this school holiday

    TweetWell hello there, I know its been a while since I’ve posted here but life has been keeping us extremely busy but thankfully most of us get a few days off this school holiday, YAY! So now that the school holidays have officially begun many parents are searching the interweb for fun activities (which won’t break the bank) to keep the kids busy over the next few weeks, am I right? Sadly I’m not one of the fortunate ones to be getting some time off, you know with only being in my new/old position for 2 months. So while I sit at work suffering from FOMO I thought I’d do…

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