Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

Tweet On Saturday Kids Emporium hosted their annual Bloggers Breakfast at the beautiful Steenberg Estate – Bistro Sixteen 82. The event last year was a huge success and I cannot tell you how excited and honoured I was when I received an invite for this year’s breakfast. Through my blog I’ve had the privilege of

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How becoming a Mother has changed my life

TweetIt all started with a series of bad decisions and a very unhealthy relationship but ended in love, marriage and a new baby in the carriage (well not such a baby anymore). Surviving pregnancy My pregnancy was relatively uncomplicated and easy (well except for developing preeclampsia towards the end of my third trimester and 2

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Starting new traditions: The Night Before Christmas Box

TweetThe night before Christmas or Christmas eve, whatever you prefer to call it has always been a special one in our family. Growing up my Mom did a movie night, we’d watch Little Woman while wearing our new Christmas PJ’s and eating junk food and chatting about the reason we celebrated Christmas. Over the years

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Help, my kid refuses to sleep!

Being a Parent comes with its ups and downs, there will be good times and there will be times you regret – any Parent that says no is lying and yet I will still never change it for the world. It’s challenging at the best of times and its fine to agree that kids sometimes suck but I love my little family, the only thing I still need is a damn decent good night’s sleep.

#CarseatFullstop – Instilling healthy habits from the start

TweetAs Parents we have a responsibility towards our children, to love them, care for them, provide for them and protect them.  As a child our family were fortunate enough to always have a vehicle and our Parents only rule in it was that every passenger HAD to have a seatbelt on at ALL times. This

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