How becoming a Mother has changed my life

TweetIt all started with a series of bad decisions and a very unhealthy relationship but ended in love, marriage and a new baby in the carriage (well not such a baby anymore). Surviving pregnancy My pregnancy was relatively uncomplicated and easy (well except for developing preeclampsia towards the end of my third trimester and 2

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Mom Stylin 

TweetTo say I was a stylish first time Mom would be a complete lie, I look back at the pictures and think WTH (let’s keep it PG). I looked old, frumpy and completely uncoordinated to say the least and not a stitch of makeup – I was a completely different person. I hid behind a

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My current chaotic life

Let me take just a minute of your time

Many days I log onto my social media accounts and want to hurl with all the Moms and their perfect kids, and rocking Parenting like a Boss. In my household this is never the case.

High fives and fist bumps all round to the Moms who manage to keep a clean and tidy home, pack perfect lunches, make healthy home cooked meals, have no washing piling up, no dishes in the sink and manage to have well mannered and good behaved kids. You ladies are living the dream! All I want to know is HOW?

Lately, my home and routine has been a mess. Its chaotic and I cannot seem to get on top of things. My juggling act which I thought I had nailed is slowly starting to slip and I have no clue where to start in picking up the pieces. I’m not saying have a pity party with me, but just give me a moment to say it sucks and I’ll be ok.

Marriage / Parenting / Life / Work – We all have to deal with this, and you know what sometimes its HARD. My life is far from perfect, I’m just an ok’ish Mom doing the best I can. But I do take responsibility for some of the slack, I have definitely moved into a lazier / drained comfort zone.

I’m definitely hoping that my change in job from 1 May will assist in stabilizing our home environment. It will allow me to be just a few minutes drive from my boys and home, thus drastically decreasing my travelling time to and from work – score – means get home earlier and be able to do everything that needs to get home, like homework, cooking, cleaning, washing, and importantly spending much needed time with my family (and also do something to get active – serious need).

So that’s me, for now. Once I get a hold on everything and find my rhythm again I’m sure it will be better.

Please don’t feel neglected, I will be back with the blogging vengeance really soon.

There’s so much which I need to tell you about, like an awesome review that Danny and Josh did for ClickTab 7, a recap of the Beating Heart SA launch, my CT Meet up experience and many more.

TAG : 50 Things that make me happy because I love it / them

Tweet It’s not every day that we can stop and take a moment to reflect on things that make us happy and that is exactly why I wanted to do this. I’ve been feeling a bit glum lately and needed to cheer myself up. It’s amazing how sitting and thinking of the things that make

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