Date Night: The Prestige Experience

TweetLast night Carl and I attended a work function at the Cine Prestige Theatre in Cavendish. So whats so special about the Prestige Theatre? Designed to treat audiences to the ultimate cinema experience, the two cinemas are decked out with 40 – 44 large leather chairs – a mix of single and double seats – that recline

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Teen Suicide Prevention Week (14 – 21 February)

TweetDid you know that 14 – 21 February is annual Teen Suicide Prevention Week in South Africa? I for sure didn’t. Do these stats not scare the snot out of you? No longer are our kids young and carefree without a care in the world, kids and teens in 2015 are carrying adult problems on

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Liquid Gold: To share or not to share?

TweetEver heard of the term “Liquid Gold”, these words normally come from the mouth of a breast feeding Mom. Warning, this is a post that has everything to do with breast, milk and my preferences. I do not judge anyone by the decisions they make (whether it be for personal or medical reasons), I only

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My constant battle to get my 6 year old to eat…

TweetDo you ever feel like you’re fighting an endless battle and you almost always walk away as the loser when it comes to eating? If you answered yes, then I sympathize with you. If you answered no, welcome to my world, please join us for supper one night to experience this circus. Being a fussy

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Feel Good Friday

Tweet                  Am I the only one that is overjoyed that today is FRIDAY! This week has been hard, stressful and full of challenges and I’m so over it. I cannot wait to leave the office when the clock strikes 16:30pm and head home (after fetching boys obviously). I need my weekend and I need some

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The what nominations? Liebster…

TweetThe what award nomination? Liebster, I don’t understand what this is (first response)…. I then continue and re-read the post, newbie here, never heard of this before. Yippee to us though!!!!! I love the idea so much (plus I’ve just learnt a little more about some fellow Mommy bloggers in Cape Town). So thank you

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