10 Things : To be happy about – TODAY

10 Things : To be happy about – TODAY


It is so very VERY easy to be miserable and see all the negative things happening in our world today that sometimes we just need to stop, breath and think about the positives

  1. Waking up every morning, yes there are those mornings (we’ve all had them) where we wished we hadn’t woken up be it because you’ve been going through a challenging time (notice I never use bad or rough, its challenging and it will pass, we are given challenges for a reason. They build character – positive vibes only). Remind yourself, YOU are here for a reason. Your life has meaning and purpose, even when you don’t see it.
  1. Love, be it love for partner, a child, a parent, family or friends. We love, we love passionately and we love deeply. We love each other and we are loved.

* I love each and every person that takes the time to read this blog (so that’s atleast 1 person who loves you)

  1. Be happy that you are imperfect. Perfectly imperfect! Sounds strange? It is in the process of embracing our imperfections that we find our truest gifts, courage, compassion and connection. Let go of who you think you should be or how you are told to be and embrace who you are!

I am a beautiful mess, perfectly imperfect and I love it.

  1. For the Moms out there, guess what, you survived Motherhood another day. That in itself is big. Josh is nearing the threenager stage but there is not a day that goes by where we have a terrible 2 meltdown. Some days I feel like I need to return him to the Maternity ward he was born in and claim they gave me a broken child, not really, well sometimes, nah I’ll keep him. He is our “Skollie” for a reason.
  1. Making a new friend, I’m an awkward being (not super awks but silent) so when I meet someone and we click its like #superscore
  1. Slightly cooler weather. Is it just me or are the mornings feeling a lot cooler these days (in Cape Town). Cooler weather means less sweat – Yippee – Fat people problems #boobsweat #cracksweat
  1. The laughter of children, any children but more so my own and I’m cool if you prefer your own kids laughter over mine. And if you don’t have a kid then I can always send you a voicenote of the boys laughing. It instantly brightens up my day.
  1. Listening to music, not just anything on the radio but your golden oldies. Music triggers memories, and heck I’ve had my share in my short 29 years – 3 0 this year – but there’s nothing quite like listening to your old songs from 10 + years ago to get those memories going, and add a stupid smile on your face for the rest of the day.
  1. Its almost Easter, which if you are religious is a big celebration and if you’re not then you get to reap the benefits of hot cross buns, marshmallow easter eggs (which I buy 2 boxes of, one for the family and one only for me) and pickle fish (which is a Cape Malay dish)
  1. Finishing work for the day, if you have nothing else in your day to look forward to then let this be it. Home time! Counting down the hours because tonight is girls night – these words have never ever come out of my mouth before, yes I know, loser

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy yesterday, try something different today!

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